Meet the Champion of Man Repeller’s 2020 Sweatshirt Bracket

In this era of March Sadness, we’ve been fielding a lot of requests for a sweatshirt bracket, and who am I to withhold such a thing from our readership? Coming off the heels of this winter’s (suspenseful, remarkable, transcendent) Fleece Bracket, I felt ready to unleash the voting methods I’d beta-tested with my Close Friends upon the broader Man Repeller Instagram audience. After five rounds of voting, thousands upon thousands of index fingers declared a winner.

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While assembling the bracket, I did feel an earnest curiosity about my coworkers’ and my friends’ and your favorite sweatshirts—the one that feels like Linus’s blanket for you right now. I have a few myself: well-worn, collegiate hand-me-downs pre-softened by my parents, the top half of this tie-dye sweatsuit by Wolf & Gypsy Vintage in London (a vestige from a week spent dressing like Pete Davidson), and a marigold crewneck from a Rowing Blazers x Luke Edward Hall collaboration that looks like summer in long-sleeved, cotton form.

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Ultimately, we saw two popular inclinations gain momentum throughout the bracket: an ongoing appreciation for the classic normcore crewneck (à la COS), and the enduring appeal of a mouthwatering Gobstopper-colored logo that brings some chromatic levity and delight to the Zoom conference call. At the end of a five day sprint, éliou took home the gold, winning the title by a nail-biting 137 vote lead.

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Feature photo via Getty Images.

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