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I’m Planning Holiday Outfits for January. Join Me.

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I always think about this one time, like ten years ago, when I was in a crowded elevator in an apartment building in Soho on what I thought was just an average Thursday night. I was wearing something plain and feeling pretty regular until a bunch of people flooded in, their sequins and rhinestones and reindeer ears completely enveloping the elevator. It was intoxicating! And once we hit the ground floor, just as the party-goers had flooded in, they spilled out, oozing with cheer. They were either going to or coming from a holiday party and all I could think was: When will this be me?

It probably sounds dramatic, but I think what I wanted to know was whether I’d ever be a catalyst for someone else to get in the spirit. For years following that encounter, I covered my body in glitter and velvet and sequins and all the fare you expect of the holiday season in order to actualize this pursuit. Of course, what has almost always happened is this sort of typecasting — by the end of December, I can look at neither a single slab of velvet nor a single sequin and then by January, my style cues are relegated to morose shades of navy and black. This year, I’ve been trying something different, it’s this novel concept called moderation wherein I don’t go all-in with the goal of stretching out the timeframe in which I can be a catalyst for someone else to get into a spirit. Any spirit, really! Just smile. If you want. Starting Jan. 1, here’s how I’ll approach dressing:

If you inherited a ballgown skirt but have found no good reason to wear it:

The Volon Mani Mini bag styled with The Row cardigan, vintage skirt my grandmother wore to my parents’ wedding, Church’s loafers

The former me probably would have added something kind of wacky up top, but current me just wants to wear this skirt with a cardigan and a bag that’s big enough to hold a notebook. My grandmother wore this to my parents’ wedding. It recently occurred to me that it’s short enough to wear with loafers and lately I have been thinking that cardigans and black tie skirts create a great contrast that works neither formally nor casually and therefore perfectly in both settings. I’ve yet to find a jacket solution, but a gigantic scarf might work!

If you refuse to take off your sweatpants:

The Volon PO belt bag styled with Racil blazer, Leandra Medine x Mango sweatpants

You know how when stylized athleisure brands were first popping up they all referred to themselves as “yoga to brunch” brands? I’m calling a tartan blazer with velvet lapels as paired with sweatpants and pulled together with the crucial inclusion of a fanny pack that will fit a credit card, your phone, and exactly one lipstick, the equivalent of “brunch to party” clothes.

If you actually have an event that demands cheer, and plan to hit it up after work:

The Volon Gabi Crossbody bag styled with Repeller sunglasses, Berluti blazer, Peter Som top, Wolford tights

Can you wear feathers under your suit? Or would it get you fired? This jacket has matching pants, and I want to tell you to wear them with the top to work, then pull them off, snap-pants-style, after you leave. This works especially well because without pants on, your legs fail the utility test (no pockets), no to worry, though, because your bag has two.

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May I pretty please now invite you to share your holiday cheer uniform? Upload a pic!

Photos by Emma Trim.

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