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These Are the Best Holiday Movies, According to the MR Community

The first holiday season I spent in New York away from my family in Australia, I decided to send out Christmas cards. Eager to make it feel ceremonious, I sat cross-legged in front of my coffee table, lit an obnoxiously strong mistletoe-scented Yankee candle, plugged in the twinkle lights wrapped around my Christmas tree, and pressed play on The Santa Clause. The following year, I repeated this routine with a new set of cards and even more twinkle lights. And last weekend, I repeated it again—same candle, same coffee table, same holiday movie. I figure, if I can’t take part in the tradition of spending the holidays with family, it’s nice to have a new tradition to look forward to.

Most people have a handful of holiday movies that feel explicitly theirs. (Other than The Santa Clause, mine are Elf, The Grinch, and most recently, I’ll Be Home For Christmas.) This genre of film (yes, film) are deeply corny and embarrassing, but they’re so easy to love, fueling nostalgia and blind festivity. Curious about which holiday movies were most loved by MR readers, we asked for recommendations on the site and on Instagram. Below are the most (and least) recommended—go forth see how your fave fared, feel validated about your holiday viewing choices, or find something new to bring into your December rotation. Save this infographic to your phone, share it with others, and if you prefer your movie recs in Google Docs look no further than right here.

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Photos via Everett Collection, Graphic by Lorenza Centi.

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