Office Apropos: 4 Outfits for a Crisp Fall Monday

Controversial opinion: I love Mondays. They’re the one day of the week my laundry is (usually) all done, my fridge is appropriately stocked with baby spinach and oat milk, and my body and mind are rested from consecutive Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. sleep-ins. It’s the day of the week I feel freshest and usually get the most done. And this Monday is even more exciting than usual, because it brings with it a new batch of MR team members sharing their fall Office Apropos outfits. Below, see what Harling, Amalie, Jasmin, and Maggie wore on a cloudy 61-degree Monday.

(Oh, and you can see last week’s Office Apropos editions here.)


On Mondays I feel like my brain and therefore my outfit brainstorming potential are wiped clean and ripe for a wider range of possibilities, which is probably why I gravitated toward this Tory Burch set that I recently had tailored. I love it so much I think I’ve been hesitant to wear it (I’m a top offender of “outfit saving”), but my start-of-the-week mentality convinced me to take the plunge. Ultimately, it felt like the perfect way to kick off #stickofbutter season–and I’m already thinking about how to style it during the winter with a turtleneck underneath–but the shoe styling needs some work. These clogs were a last-minute decision forced by the fact that I was running late for work, and I’m not satisfied with how they looked. At the same time, I’m not sure what would be the right footwear for this get-up. Maybe a combat boot? Or something with a heel? Please advise.


Jil Sander leather blazer via The RealReal, similar here, Uniqlo turtleneck sweater, Pilco and the Letterpress jeans, Roxanne Assoulin bracelets, vintage Freeland boots via Malin Landaeus — others here

Waking up this morning was like pulling my body out from wet concrete, but that’s okay because I made it to the office and this outfit did not expire by 3 p.m.!!! The denim is just the right amount of stretch to not develop what one commenter called “elephant knees” (I haven’t been the same since hearing this), and the sweater and leather blazer combo were the perfect weight to not develop pit smells. I felt very lucky all day, especially when I ate a whole burrito in the comfort of an office phone booth.


Everlane top, Madewell jeans, Adidas shoes, vintage jacket from Mexico City — similar here

Today I woke up at 5 a.m. feeling extremely tired but unable to go back to sleep, so a full monochrome outfit was my lazy but still rather put-together approach. I haven’t worn these sneakers in ages and I’m not sure what prompted me to today. I do love this jacket though, I just got it on a recent trip to Mexico City and am currently wearing it at any excuse. Anyway, I had one casual client meeting today and a handful of internals and then met a friend in the evening. Thrilling, I know.


Is it gonna be cold today? Weirdly hot? I’ve given up trying to decide, so I went with the “I’m probably gonna be cold option.” Between the commute, the late afternoon burst of heat, the loose-fitting pants, and the surprisingly warm fabric of this shirt, I turned out fine. Go figure. This shirt was a lucky find at our Object Limited closet sale the other week and I think I’ve styled it, like, five different ways—each one being a winner. I do like it best with these oversized, low waisted pants (I bought them three sizes too big) because the shirt is just so “I’m put together” that I needed to rough it up a bit. Because I am, in fact, not so “put together.”

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