Jeans and sweaters are universally acknowledged as the go-to combination of winter dressing–and for good reason. They’re warm, easy to pair, comfortable, and look more put-together than a sweatsuit. However, because they make sense for so many aforementioned reasons and are suitable for so many occasions, they inevitably begin to feel… boring.

But never fear! Crystal and Elizabeth, maximalists of epic proportion (sometimes literally), are here to rescue your jeans and sweaters from the drag of sameness. (I promise that’s the last time I will refer to myself in the third person.) I also promise there are a bunch of unconventional jeans-and-sweater-sprucing ideas below for your repurposing pleasure.

1. For Dog Walks & Weekend Errands

Crystal and I both have dogs, so often times our “weekend errands” are really just taking our dogs wherever they want to go, but these styling ideas are useful whether you’re at the beck and call of a canine or not. We both suggest wearing shoes that are easy to walk in but still aesthetically pleasing–in this case, the second element is taken care of thanks to the glitter and cow print, but these silver ($50) loafers and these tartan shoes are great, too. Similarly, consider carrying a bag that is both practical (i.e. can be hung over your shoulder) and fun to look at. As for your outerwear, opt for something comfortable, like a quilted coat or jean jacket. Frilly collar optional but encouraged.

2. For After-Work Shrimp Cocktails

NAADAM sweaters, Crystal is wearing BDG jeans, Sugarcoat robe and Maison Margiela shoes and Elizabeth is wearing Zara Join Life jeans, vintage Bergdorf Goodman kilt via Etsy — similar here, Rachel Comey blazer — another here, Labucq loafers and Apercu x Marie Jedig sunglasses with Donni sunglass chain

If you typically throw on jeans and a sweater when dressing for work on a gray winter day but maintain a keen interest in spicing it up for post-office activities, then these outfit ideas are a love letter from us to Y-O-U. Crystal is clearly on a robe jacket tear, which makes a lot of sense considering their suitability for both indoors and outside–the ultimate versatile styling piece. She also demonstrates a hack for changing up your outfit without actually changing clothes: turn your jeans inside out! It looks especially cool if they’re baggy. As for me, I’m all about layering skirts over my jeans for a sense of evening flair–plus a semi-coordinating blazer because matching is the new oat milk— just kidding you can have both.

3. For a Holiday Party Where the Egg Nog Is Spicy and So Is Your Attire

It’s 2019, sweet birthday babies, and yes you can 1000% wear jeans and a plain black sweater to a holiday party if they happen to beckon to you from the pile of winter-appropriate clothes that languishes at the end of your bed (just me?). You can also feel festive at the same time, if you add the right layers and accessories. A shoe with a heel will do wonders in terms of transforming casual clothes into celebratory attire, as will a babydoll dress or caftan tucked into the middle of your holiday millefeuille like a sweet sheet of pastry dough.

What are your favorite ways to spice up jeans and a sweater in the wintertime? Please do share.

Photos by Makeda Standford. 

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