What goes up must come down, what runs long will inevitably run short, and what becomes billowy will inevitably inch back in the direction of tailored. Such is my one-sentence summary of how fashion’s trend cycles wax and wane like the ficklest moon, and such is an accurate description of why the blazer silhouette du jour has finally started to morph after years of the oversized, double-breasted, borrowed-from-your-dad look’s reign.

This season’s blazer micro-trend favors a fitted, almost hourglass-like nipped shape with no lapels and often only one button. Instead of being borrowed from your dad, it’s borrowed from a sensible, early 20th-century governess, or perhaps a circus ringleader? I honestly don’t know, I’m just listing things that come to mind. Regardless, this distinctive silhouette has been a signature of The Row lately and perhaps that connection is why I’m so enamored? It took some getting used to, I’ll admit, because my brain was scrambled from playing dress-up with a completely different proportions for so long, but I think I’m finally hitting my stride with this whole form-fitting blazer thing. If you’d like to join me, I’ve got three styling ideas waiting down below!

Idea #1: Use It to Dress Up a Sweatsuit

The neat thing about a super tailored blazer is that it will automatically add a heavy dose of put-togethernesss to any outfit, which is particularly handy when what you are wearing is a sweatsuit and sneakers. If you’re going to try this idea out, I recommend picking a sweatsuit in a material that doesn’t have too much heft so you can still easily button your fitted blazer over it. Here, I’m wearing a thin cashmere set from Naadam that, despite its lack of thickness, was so warm I almost panicked while changing into it in our overheated fashion closet, which is proof that it’s perfect for the next polar vortex that undoubtedly lies ahead.

Idea #2: Encourage It With a Belt

Your tailored blazer wants to adhere to you like a fine wine to your tastebuds or a magnet to your refrigerator or an alien to Pluto, so for this next styling trick I’m suggesting something radical: Give it a hand!!! Belt it! Let it embrace you with aesthetically pleasing vigor! If you choose to do so, obviously the rest of the outfit is yours to play with, but as you can see, I personally opted for a vibe that’s a cross between a royal family’s estranged relative attending a horse race and an American girl doll visiting her grandparents.

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Idea #3: Wear It as a Top

Break out the boob tape! A tailored blazer makes for a v compelling winter going-out top contender, partially because it looks great and partially because it will make you beam in a sea of pensive turtlenecks. It’s especially promising when deployed as a holiday party outfit completer, so long as the holiday party you are attending is one wherein deep Vs are not only tolerated but riotously celebrated. Pair it with silky trousers and glittery heels and you are good to go.

How do you feel about this new era of blazerdom?

Photos by Makeda Sandford.

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