They say that children are our greatest teachers, and that adage is particularly true at Seoul Fashion Week. The street style there is riddled with pint-sized fashion icons so compelling they often upstage the adult participants in terms of both “omg” visual candy and legitimate outfit ideas. Since I am already well-versed in stealing style inspiration from my younger self, the idea of extending the same principle to other kiddos is a no-brainer. Scroll down for five outfits I want to copy courtesy of the child prodigies in Seoul.

#1: The Outfit That Makes a Case for Cuffing Your Jeans

There are two types of denim wearers in this world: cuffers and non-cuffers. I’m definitely in the latter category. I don’t like to manipulate my clothes so much, for the same reason I don’t wear makeup: I feel like I’m going to mess something up. But this little girl is making me reconsider the cuffing thing, because it’s simple enough adjustment that even I could probably handle it, and it makes the whole thing look extra thoughtful. It also makes the jeans the perfect length for what I like to call a Sock Moment–which in this case is manifesting as mismatched colors. Chef’s kiss, as they say in the mustache waxing business.

#2: The Outfit That Re-Ups the Thrill of Canadian Tuxedos

I love a Canadian tux as much as the next rational turtle, but sometimes they can feel a little overplayed. Not so with this riff, featuring a skirt instead of pants and accessories so darling they make me want to cry. The coordination of the socks with the sweater is also just the right touch to contrast with the casualness of an otherwise all-denim look.

#3: The Outfit That Gives Oversized Button Downs a New Identity

If I projected my fantasy origin story onto this outfit, I would surmise that this little girl and her parents were watching Risky Business a few days before fashion week and had an aha! revelation that it was the perfect fodder for an innovative street style look. Who needs pants when your oversized button down functions as a chic mini dress?! Definitely not Tom Cruise and definitely not this present and future style icon.

#4: The Outfit That Showcases How to Wear a Summer Dress in the Fall

As a summer gal, I’m wont to attempt wearing my precious warm-weather clothes as long as possible into the autumnal season. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but next time I’m strapped for ideas I’m going to revisit this photograph and promptly clothe myself in a cotton sundress, black opaque tights, black boots, and a tweed jacket.

#5: The Outfit That Will Make You Want Khaki Overalls

How have I been living 27 years on this planet without a pair of khaki overalls!!!!! They’re shockingly hard to find in the exact color I’m (now) after, but these from Carhartt might be a viable alternative. If and when I take the plunge, I look forward to styling them with maroon loafers and a long-sleeved graphic T-shirt.

Click through the below slideshow and let me know which kid is your personal style hero.

Photos by Emily Malan.

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