8 Very Good Picks From the New Uniqlo x JW Anderson Collab

Guess what landed last week!? Neither a bird nor a plane nor a superhero but, in fact, something arguably better–at least where your fall/winter wardrobe is concerned: JW Anderson’s fourth collaboration with Uniqlo. As you might suspect, there is no shortage of tartan, knits, or wool–the entire collection evokes a crisp-aired countryside in England complete with the scrunched socks and a double-wrapped scarf. Workwear staples including trousers and sweaters and warmth-inducing necessities like puffers and leggings and shirts with thumbholes also abound— and everything clocks in under $150.

Scroll down for a roundup of the 8 most noteworthy pieces from the collection, which my crystal ball is informing me will sell out shortly.

The Perfect Reversible (!) Down Jacket

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This reversible down jacket actually solves my main winter style qualm: getting sick of my puffer! It’s basically the 2-in-1 conditioner of warm outerwear, providing multiple options for a single expenditure of 150 bucks. Consider me enamored and also strangely excited to moonlight as a multicolored marshmallow.

A Two-Tone Cardigan That Will Cure Your Decision Fatigue

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Tied for first as my favorite item of this collection because it solves for the same style rut-related issue, this cardigan would look incredible buttoned halfway with comfy jeans and ankle boots. You could also belt it and wear it as a dress OR! layer it under a chunky sweater and wear it as a skirt.

A Flannel Button-Down You’ll Wear Weekly

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I prefer my flannels oversized, and even though this one is technically a “tunic” (fancy!), I’m inclined to order it two sizes up and *French tuck* it into a pair of trousers. I really, really like the idea of pairing the light blue color with a pair of light blue jeans for a slightly amped-up version of monochrome.

The Piped Leggings You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now

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These feel so French Alps to me even though I’ve never been to the French Alps and have never skied. But such is the power of a compelling–or shall I say, transporting–garment. Worn with an oversized fishermen’s cardigan during the day and a sharp tuxedo blazer at night (just some ideas), they’re the kind of thing you’ll wear incessantly all winter.

A Fringe Skirt a.k.a. Kilt That Will Become This Season’s Surprise Staple

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I’ve found there’s typically one thing in my closet every season that unexpectedly shakes up how I want to get dressed, and I’m thinking this fringed skirt that is heavily reminiscent of a school uniform kilt could be exactly that. It makes me want to dress a little grown-up–maybe fasten the edge with an old brooch and style it with a turtleneck and knee-high boots.

The Plaid Trousers You’ve Fantasized About Since Birth (Probably)

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Behold the most perfect pair of Thanksgiving trousers I’ve ever seen (and for $50, might I add). They look plenty sophisticated and put-together but the waist is elastic which means they contain multitudes. They come in both black and plaid (I want both), and would look so cool with a blazer at the office or a hoodie over the weekend.

The Fleece You’ve Always Wanted to Steal From Your Brother–But Better

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Another item I don’t own myself but enjoy stealing from the men in my life: a fleece! I love the wine/green color combo on this one. To be honest, I would mostly wear it with pajamas in my freezing apartment but I can also envision pairing it with jeans or slit-ankle leggings when out and about. And maybe ear muffs!? TBD.

The Turtleneck Sweater to End All Turtleneck Sweaters

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Holiday card idea (if you run with it, please send me a photo): Everyone in the family gets this sweater (it comes in multiple colors) to wear simultaneously whilst engaging in a human pyramid. Genius, I know.

Isn’t this collection so cozy? So wintry? So festive? What are you buying? Should I keep asking questions? Tell me in the comments.

Feature photos via Uniqlo x JW Anderson.

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