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Celeb Look of the Week: A Bunch of Supermodels Giving 90s Going-Out Energy

As a child of the 90s, I was spoiled on iconic images of Naomi, Kate, Cindy, Tyra, and Christy wearing equally iconic outfits of the going-out variety. There were mini dresses and mini skirts. Platform heels and angora shrugs. Plaid jackets and see-through white tanks. Bra tops and mom jeans. It was a feast of inspiration that we have coasted on for almost three decades because the supermodels of today haven’t been as keen on late-night group shots featuring uniquely festive attire UNTIL:

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Seriously 😍 Me matan estas gatas

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This happened. At a fashion week after party in Milan. Blessed be the fruit!!!!!! A real, honest-to-goodness supermodel coven featuring outfits that merit a bottle of champagne–or five, not to mention a combo Celeb Look of the Week platter. I’m invigorated enough by this image I might even entertain the idea of going out after dinner with my parents and Austin’s parents this evening even though initially I was thinking of that as a seamless sushi-to-bed transition situation, so that’s really saying something. Let’s run through each of the outfits and why they’re uniquely fun, shall we?

Imaan Hammam is wearing a Gen-Z yellow dress with a long gold chain necklace, white pumps (confirmed via this Instagram post), and some kind of fiery orange eyeshadow that is making me want to become an eyeshadow person. After all these years! In my fantasies I would channel the overall effect via either this dress or this dress from LPA and this pretty chain from Laura Lombardi. As for shoes, I’m not typically a pumps gal so I would probably opt for something a little contrast-y like these loafers that I wear incessantly, but if you want to recreate the whole shebang, how about these?

Doutzen Kroes is RTG in a leopard crop top-cum-trouser ensemble, a prescient reminder of the simultaneous ease and appeal brought by coordinating apparel in a going-out context. Seriously, a two-piece set is a game-changer in this regard, and fortunately for all of us we can easily conjure the same effect when a print is involved–in this case, animal. This leopard crop top from Ganni is on sale and very cute. Ditto for these matching pants. It’s unclear what shoes Doutzen wore with hers, but I would personally opt for something that resembles a confectionary treat like these.

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Lauryn Demeza also opted for a coordinating two-piece, albeit a simplified version. She stuck with a going-out classic–black!–and my favorite thing about the result is that it kind of looks like a sports bra and skort, you know? WHICH HAS THUS PLANTED THE FOLLOWING SEED: a sports bra and skort are actually the makings of a really cool going-out outfit, if you style it with the right attitude and accessories. Let’s start with the base: a black skort and sports bra like this and this from Outdoor Voices. Okay, now adding on to that, I would contribute some strappy sandals and maybe a short cardigan to really want to kick things into high 90s gear. What decade is it again???? Rhetorical question.

Souraya Chalhoub fully cemented the going-out mood with a short white dress and lacy over-the-knee boots. Great combo, Souraya!!! While lacy over-the-knee boots are hard to find unless you want to spend a pretty penny, I did come across this slightly modified take for $39.99. As for the white dress component, that world is your oyster, but I’m liking the idea of something simple and cotton like this.

Last but not least, Joan Smalls is delivering us unto the kingdom of heaven by way of a one-shouldered ruched lavender get-up, which she paired perfectly with barely-there silver heeled sandals. I can’t seem to find a spot-on equivalent in the one-shoulder dress offerings currently online, but I’m into this mini and this midi as viable alternatives. As for the shoes, why stray from a proven concept? These are $65 and ready to take a spin on a dance floor of your choosing.

Now, please contribute to an informal poll: Should I go out tonight!????

Feature photo via Joan Smalls and Getty Images.

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