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How One Boot Got Me Through Three Weird Weather Days in Style

In partnership with Blundstone.

What’s in a boot? By that I mean, like, a very good boot. The kind of boot that makes you call home to say, “This is the one. I’m bringing her home for Thanksgiving.” A pair of boots that has durability and versatility and oomph. For the sake of science, I tested one such pair from the Australian (née Tasmanian) brand Blundstone, who have been crafting fine leather shoes since…wait for it…1870. And they’ve been on my radar for a long time, too: My roommates own them, my best friend owns them, my brother owns them—around New York they’re lauded as the holy grail of boots for maintaining that alchemic combo of genuinely utilitarian and actually cool. When the opportunity came to put them to the test, my bid was so aggressive that the partnerships team felt they had to oblige. Below, my boot diary:

Day 1

Blundstone 558 boots styled with Frankie Shop jumpsuit, Repeller headband and Jenny Bird cuffs

Dearest Diar-ella,

Today I woke up and looked at my weather app and it called for rain. Ah, rain: The perpetual New York inter-seasonal forecast, always rearing its dour face. Rain manages to put a damper on the construction of almost any outfit both literally and figuratively, but I’ve learned that with proper preparation, the day can actually pass in peace.

First, I selected a jumpsuit I’ve been loving of late and notched it around my waist. Then I added a headband and some cuffs for good measure because I am no one if not for my accessories. I pulled on my pair of black Blundstone boots (and I mean I truly pulled: These gals have two tabs that are intended for doing so, which is, in my humble opinion, a peak boot feature, and also a Blundstone calling card), happy to know their weather-resistant leather lining would save my feet from getting wet today.

It was a casual day at the office, just post-fashion week. I still found myself running around outside for important things like lunch, a press appointment in SoHo, a candy bar. My feet were incredibly comfortable around mile two on my “Health” app. Around mile four, with an umbrella overhead and a drizzle, the boots look unfazed by the precipitation.

With showery salutations,

Day 2

Blundstone 558 boots styled with AVAVAV dress, Madeleine Thompson striped sweater and Man Repeller umbrella

Sweet Diar-ina,

Today called for rain again, but I woke up feeling eccentricity running through my veins. Time to throw a little caution to the wind!!

I pulled on a floaty dress with a Renaissance-core collar and sleeves that really likes to move with the wind, which means a pair of shorts are required underneath. I followed that with a rainbow sweater wrapped around my shoulders just in case I felt the *chill*, but mostly for the sake of style. And of course, sans doute, as they say in French, my Blundstones were required. The way the boots grounded the whimsy of the outfit were imperative to make it feel more “me.” It’s a trick I’ll be adding to my book.

The boots stood by me today like Horatio to Hamlet, much to my joy. I made it to dinner with a friend at which I ordered Mapo Tofu and managed to spill neither on my lap NOR my shoes, which I’m calling a triumph (though unfortunate because I have an inkling these boots would show no sign of silky tofu).

With good tidings from my short-shorts,

Day 3

Blundstone 558 boots styled with Uniqlo shirt, ASKK NY jeans, Wolf Circus pearl necklace and La Manso rings

Dear Diary Queen,

I woke up and it was Friday! A revelation! I had plans to sign a lease and celebrate with a festive homemade zucchini pasta dinner for which I needed to pick up the provisions. And guess what? NO RAIN!

This morning I wanted to go with full denim after being inspired by Leandra’s fashion week outfit anatomy. My version was bound to include matching washes, though, and a thick cut bacon cuff to highlight my Blundstones, baby. The cradling of my underfoot had been too sweet to pass up for a third day, and so I pulled the tabs onward and upward. Comfy feet, comfy life, they say.

Today passed blissfully. I did manage to skirt the puddle of who knows what green-ish brown-ish liquid on the corner of Crosby and Houston, but I did so knowing that even if I stepped in the sluice, I would be safe. I could dip my foot in the Gowanus Canal and I’d be safe.

With two tabs’-worth of love,

Blundstone 558 Boots
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After three days of boot-dom, I’m happy to report that these shoes have wormed their way into my heart and my shoe rotation. I’m excited to sport them through rain, shine, sleet, and snow, with the awareness that the wear will only increase their rugged appeal. A shoe that has the patina of road salt and loved-in age is my favorite, and I look forward to a future of greeting these as old friends year after year.

Styled by Elizabeth Tamkin.