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Shoes You Didn’t Know Were Good for Walking

One day back in middle school—during heavy hallway foot traffic, not to mention heavy, hormone-induced consciousness—I slipped and fell on the tile floor. My heart sank into my butt and my face turned hot. I also hurt my ankle. I was wearing these adorable patent leather Mary Janes that had absolutely no traction, hence the slip. The power of my tween-age embarrassment was such that, ever since, I’ve been obsessed with rubber-soled shoes.

That doesn’t mean I only wear sneakers, though. I have this amazing (new and improved) pair of Mary Janes from Urban Outfitters that I wore 3/7 days of fashion week last season, even in the snow, and I didn’t slip once. I’ve also been eyeing these guys from Bottega Veneta, the 2019 icon of footwear that I admittedly want very, very badly despite their over-saturation on Instagram. But I digress: Please join me in scrolling down below for a litany of rubber-soled recommendations so we can all live happily ever after and never slip again.

To Wear Every Day

I have these fantastic white boots and these rubber loafers, and I can personally vouch for their unique combo of practicality and aesthetic thrill. I’ve also had these in my shopping cart for awhile now. Imagine them with gym shorts and a tank! Or these guys with an ankle sock and a pinafore? As a bonus, all of the above would multitask as great footwear for wet sidewalks on a rainy day.

To Wear to Work

I highly recommend Camper shoes–both their loafers and their heels–for sensible but cool workwear companions. I also found these awesome, highly discounted heeled Bottega Veneta loafers that would be great with a sharp suit. These smart pumps with a rubber sole are true staple material, and these platform brogues could be worn in any season, i.e. the ultimate transitional weather outfit fodder.

To Wear Out at Night

Might I recommend a rubber sole (for safety!) whilst dancing atop a slippery table, literally or figuratively, during a night out? It’s the ideal shoe bottom for dancing if you’re committed to wearing a heel. Take these Eytys shoes, for example, which would pair so well with mini shorts and your favorite going-out top. I also really like these Mary Janes—they’re very similar to the Urban Outfitters ones I mentioned earlier.

Do you have any traction-happy shoe suggestions? Does anyone else think about this stuff besides me!? There is no bond like rubber to unite a comment section, I’m pretty sure.

Art Direction by Dasha Faires, Photographed by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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