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I promise I don’t get all my news from Instagram, but Instagram does supply me with some newsoccasionally against my will and/or pleasure, as in the case of this shark “saying hi” to a boat. This weekend was no different; between patronizing a bar I thought was cool but turned out to be empty (humbling), fretting about the planet in both a specific and a general sense (learn more about the Amazon fires here, and help here), and eating disappointing chocolate-covered pretzels (marginally less upsetting), I scrolled a fair amount. Below, eight things I discovered while doing so, plus a bonus you’ll most certainly want to see, so don’t touch that mf dial:

1. Jeff Goldblum announced his new show

The internet’s designated daddy has a new show coming out on NatGeo, and I personally can’t wait to see the world through his bespectacled eyes. If it’s anything like this red carpet interview he gave that went viral this weekend, it’s sure to be both riveting and chaotic.

2. Molly Young is taking her popular newsletter to New York Magazine.

Beloved New York writer Molly Young’s newsletter about books, “Read Like the Wind,” has been picked up by NYMag, where she’ll also be joining as a literary critic. Here she is standing against a stack of her interests.

3. The internet’s favorite cranky chef made home-made Pocky.

If you’ve never seen an episode of Bon Appetit‘s Gourmet Makes, allow me to introduce you to Claire Saffitz, the chef behind the series who also hates the series and regularly admits that on camera. In the most recent episode, she makes gourmet Pocky, and as usual, the result is as aesthetically pleasing as it is impressive.

4. Lizzie McGuire is apparently back.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Disney channel original shows of the aughts were rebooted. First up: Lizzie McGuire, which will launch on Disney+ and pick up the story 15-ish years later. Money’s on her cartoon version wearing the exact same outfit because I feel like it’s all in style again?

5. This video of the shadow of a millipede walking.

…which is truly the most horrifying and yet delightful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, not being hyperbolic.

6. Dev Hynes of Blood Orange is on the cover of RUSSH Magazine.

And he’s wearing the perfect casual outfit. If you haven’t seen the genius video for “Benzo,” which dropped last month, I highly recommend.

7. This portable, off-grid cabin invites you to think less about literally everything that isn’t nature.

It was designed by Jeanna Berger and can be moved anywhere without disrupting the natural landscape. The news is I want to sleep in it.

8. Twitter Bonus: This profile of Taylor Swift addresses a lot of her critics’ concerns.

Laura Snapes’s profile of Swift for The Guardian dropped on Saturday, the day after Taylor’s new album, Lover, which is already the best-selling album of 2019, and it covers a lot of ground: her silence on the 2016 election, her white privilege, and the symbolic bird cage in her Nashville home.

Also: Happy National Dog Day

I hate fake internet holidays but I’m not a monster. Please educate yourself on the Corgi race that recently took place Auburn, Washington via the video above in honor of this not-actually-special day.

Best wishes until next week,

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