Every Piece in Uniqlo’s New Inès de La Fressange Collab Costs Less Than $150

The scent of fall is most definitely not in the air yet (I confirmed this fact just a few mornings ago when I walked past a particularly fragrant garbage pile that only summer heat can create). The scent of fall outfit recipes is, however, very much tickling the tip of my nose.

It started wafting with the vengeance of warm cinnamon buns as soon as I saw the most recent collaboration between French style icon Inès de La Fressange (who you may recognize from this episode of MR Chatroom) and Uniqlo. The collection, which launches today, is chock-full of the elusive kind of “basic” items that are practical without being boring—and (!!!) none of them are more expensive than $150. I’ve written out my own shopping list below, along with the outfit recipe I foresee each thing being baked into, so we can revel in this inspo together.

A Toggle Coat

Toggle coats will always remind me of morning walks to the bus stop with my mom during elementary school. Mine was light blue one and her’s was dark red. This navy one from IDLF (can I call u that, Inès?) x Uniqlo is scratching the nostalgia itch just swimmingly, though. If I were its owner, I would lean right into the cozy vibe that only a good dose of ~memories~ can effectively induce and pair it with cashmere joggers and a matching hoodie. (Maybe a red lip and some pearl studs if I was planning to run into a crush.)

A Quilted Jacket

Jumping right back on the nostalgia train, quilted jackets make me think of crunching leaves and Central Park tire swings. I love the idea of wearing this one with white overalls from Carhartt, layered over a black turtleneck, and paired with these ballet flats to make the whole thing feel a bit precious. This would be the perfect outfit for a fall picnic, which is arguably better than a summer picnic in that the only thing sweating is the salami.

A Pair of Trouser Jeans

Mark my words, streamlined trouser jeans are going to be the denim silhouette this fall/winter season. More on that later–in the meantime, wouldn’t these look so great with a frilly-collared white blouse underneath a fair isle jacquard sweater vest, finished off with glove shoes? I know what you’re thinking: This get-up requires a bit of sparkle, and rest assured I will be providing that (metaphorically for now, but hopefully literally in the future) via these $9.99 earrings.

A Pair of Khakis

After months of serious contemplation, I think the secret to styling khakis is to pair them with at least one piece that is their utter and complete opposite. This way, you won’t look too much like your dad, or too much like me in middle school. I’m personally intrigued by the possibilities promised by this sequin top worn under this navy blazer, finished off with leopard mules. Oops! I think Jenna Lyons just wrote the last three sentences.

A White Button-Down With a Twist

I’m not sure what you call the thing on the front of this magnificent white button-down. A bib? That doesn’t seem right. Would love to know if there is a kind commenter who can fill me in, but regardless of the answer I’m INTO IT. I would wear with skinny-ish jeans with an emphasis on the ish (I know I just told you trouser jeans are gonna be the thing, and I still feel strongly about that, but on some occasions the proportions at hand demand a slimmer cut and this is one of them). As for shoes, I think these are the ones and it doesn’t hurt that they’re $80.

A Long-Sleeve Striped T-Shirt

I’m not the first to remark that a long-sleeve striped T is a solid autumnal investment, and I surely won’t be the last. This is a good one because the cut is the perfect amount of boxy. I would tuck it into a wool mini skirt–this one, preferably–and throw on a cardigan that feels like a hug. To that I would add sheer black tights, shoes fit for a schoolboy, and a pinky ring fit for his grandmother.


A Floral Sweater

There is a very specific vintage Austrian sweater trend brewing on the interwebs lately, and I approve of it wholeheartedly. This sweater from IDLF’s collab seems to be a shining encapsulation of its après-ski-appropriate charm. Would highly recommend marrying it with black leggings and chunky boots in the same vein as these Proenza Schouler ones (but here’s a less expensive option, too).


A Set of Fancy Pajamas

To be worn with a thick-knit black beanie and a string of pearls and a faux fur coat once the weather starts to get decidedly nippy circa November. The shoes will depend on your intended destination: sneakers if you’re running errands, and glitter pumps if you’re running to a party. Feel free to wear the pajamas to bed when you’re back from wherever you’re going.

What outfit recipes are you cooking up for fall?

Feature photo via UNIQLO.

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