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Celeb Look of the Week: Brad Pitt, Inspired by His Own Self

The other day, someone asked me where I look for outfit inspiration, and the honest (albeit potentially narcissistic) answer occurred to me immediately: my own camera roll. Obviously it’s not the only place I get inspiration from, but it is a frequent source for the very practical reason that I am able to personally vouch for whether the outfit in question was a success, which can powerfully inform my decision to recreate it once more. Was it comfortable? Did it still look good at 12 p.m.? What about 4 p.m.? Did it garner any compliments? Did it make me feel like my best self? All answerable questions, thanks to the memory bank my mirror selfies are wont to sharpen.

I imagine Brad Pitt went through a similar thought process before showing up to the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood premiere in Mexico dressed in a nearly identical ensemble to one he wore on another red carpet in 2001:

Beige suit? Check. Slightly different shade of beige shirt? Check? Brown shoes? Check. A fedora was his only addition to what he clearly deemed a perfect, replication-worthy outfit 18 years later, and thank goodness for that. The hat–and his influx of facial hair–really finishes the look off nicely, though the loss of Jennifer Anniston’s coordinating outfit by his side is exactly that: a loss. But who am I to dwell on heartache when there are further hypotheses regarding Brad’s multi-decade beige allegiance to unpack?

Since Brad is a celebrity, he doesn’t need to peruse his camera roll for outfit ideas like I do. The internet is a roiling catalogue of his past wears. Getty images! Nostalgic Instagram accounts! #Stickofbutter hashtags! relationship retrospectives! Raya! No matter where he recently happened across his initial foray into head-to-tie cookie dough, I’m delighting in the possibility that it served as the basis for his most recent red carpet whirl.

He was probably reminded of how special it is to dress in brown when every other guy in your vicinity is dressed in black, of how fun it is to match your outfit to your balayage highlights. He probably realized that the 2001 version of this outfit was “before its time”–or rather, before the time when brilliant attire of this nature could go viral thanks to a Twitter thread comparing it to various loaves of bread. So of course he decided to recreate it. Of course he was inspired by the success of an outfit he could personally substantiate. Stars. They really are just like us.

Feature photo via Getty Images.

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