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What Are You Looking For? The Outnet’s Clearance Sale Probably Has It

When I found out about the huge (up-to-80%-off) sale at The Outnet 30 minutes ago, the first thing I did was slack MR shopping expert Elizabeth Tamkin to “tell me what to buy.”

“Done. What product category?” she replied within five seconds, saint that she is.

And then my mind went wild. Could I reply “every category” or would that be too greedy? If I said “pants, tops, shoes, dresses,” would that narrow it down? Truth be told I would like Elizabeth to do all my shopping for me. Not only because she has a photographic memory of the market past and present, but because she inherently understands my taste—and she’s like this with everyone; it’s a kind of fashion synesthesia.

Which is exactly why, a few minutes later, our Man Repeller slack channel quickly devolved into a “Outnet shopping request” submission form for Elizabeth. I’m sorry, Eliz! You are too good at this! Luckily for her, the team’s requests were a little more specific than “everything”—but general enough to serve the greater summer good, too—so I’ve shared them below along with her suggestions. If you have a request of your own, drop it in the comments! She just might hang around for a bit. (And if you’re more generally hungry for her market wisdom, her Instagram Story is always chock-full of it.)

Amalie’s request: “Summer tops I can wear a bra with.”

Per Eliz: I love dressing Amalie. She’s so fun and open to trying anything, so I came in with both a sexy top like this one that shows some skin but has supportive straps and this one that ties at the waist that I’d 100% wear with board shorts. For a day-to-day top, you could wear this poplin one with trousers to work and then with a pair of crochet shorts on the weekend. This one that is tight but has supportive shoulders and would look great with some khakis, casually.

Mallory’s request: “A bathing suit that is not skimpy but won’t give a weird tan line, either.”

Per Eliz: Finding the perfect swimwear is not an easy task! What I looked for here were strapless tops of course, but also ones with removable or non-intrusive straps. I love this strapless two-piece which has a ruffle for extra oomph. The bottoms on this suit are also not strappy so there’s a good amount of bottom-half coverage (as far as bikinis go). This one-piece is gathered at the middle for some forgiveness in case you opt for a beach burger and the halter is removable if you’re going to be in the sun a while! This classic one-piece has fun polka dots and I appreciate that the straps are skinny and you can drop ’em down if you’re going to be toasting for a bit.

Crystal’s request: “A chic strapless dress that doesn’t make me look like I’m going to my 8th grade prom.”

Per Eliz: The fun thing about shopping for other people is sometimes you find things you didn’t know you needed yourself. How freaking good is this strapless trench dress?!?! I also love this plaid one to be worn with lace-up sandals and mature pearls. For a dressier occasion, what about this red one with the mermaid tale?

Harling’s request: “Cool sandals I can walk a mile in blister-free.”

Per Eliz: I recently wrote a story about commuter shoes for summer so I would say I’m a bit of an expert in this category. There are so many options, too! I love these metallic ones with a thick cushy sole. These ones with a cork sole are light and versatile. And man, I love a high-fashion orthopedic sandal like these fun yellow ones.

Nora’s request: “A dress I can wear to a fancy bachelorette party dinner and then to a less fancy bachelorette night out (that goes beyond a size 12).”

Per Eliz: Ah! The multipurpose dress. When you need an item for two different events, it’s all about how you style it. Let’s take this fairly simple cutout black midi dress. Worn with CV stone earrings and hair slicked back, it’s basically black tie, but worn with lace-up flat leather sandals and hair au naturale, it’s chill and fun. Or! What about this asymmetric mini? I’d wear it with metallic heels to dinner and then with platform raffia sandals to the night out. And wild card! What about a jumpsuit? I love this patterned one that could be worn with sparkly jewelry and mules to dinner and then espadrilles to go dancin’ in.

Gyan and Andrea’s request: “Shorts that aren’t denim cut-offs. (Some thought-starters: high-waisted, not too distressed, not too tight, not too short.)”

Per Eliz: As someone who has grown to prefer a longer, non-denim short option (especially for work), I can very much relate. I love these A-line high-waist ones to be worn with a knit tube top, these very cool printed board shorts which I would wear with a ribbed white tank and some slides, and then my most favorite of all, these scalloped denim ones which really are the perfect summer denim shorts solution.

Have a shopping request? Get @ Eliz in the comments!

Photos by Edith Young. 

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