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The Final Repeller Drop Is Here, and It’s Giving Me Butterflies


often the lights, spritz some lavender on your throw pillows, and watch your linen curtains flutter in the wind. It’s about to be ME time. And by ME time, I mean YOU time. You get it right? Turn up the Lizzo as you bust out your diary (the one with the lock and key on it) and what’s that? A plate of pastel-colored macarons? Dang. You’re good at this.

Oh sorry, allow me to back up for a moment. This is the fourth and final Repeller drop and it is a celebration of growth, blossoming, becoming. Let’s take time to look back on where we all started—the journey we’ve been on and the moment we became who we wanted to be, a process that repeats itself over and over, never ending but always deserving celebration.

Remember when you were a caterpillar? Green (literally) and small, so close to the ground, unclear whether there was even anything above it — inching your way through the world going somewhere but unsure where exactly? The Caterpillar earring is here to celebrate those halcyon days of innocence and can also serve as a reminder that it is okay to be very hungry.

But what about the next phase? The one that often gets overlooked! The one where you took the time to sit with yourself, get to know who you are and what you want out of this big beautiful life. Isn’t it high time the cocoon get its due? Being in a cocoon can seem isolating, but when you’ve done the good work, you look back and recall those moments of solitude and you’re like, damn hanging out with myself is kind of better than with anyone else. Celebrate the process of wrapping yourself up in a chrysalis, but if you’re gonna do it IRL, use a blanket. Something big is coming! Maybe it’s your Saturn return. Idk, but the Cocoon earring is a chic as helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll reminder to take some time for your bad self because all the flutters is…

POOF! The beautiful butterfly into which you’ve just blossomed! To others, it may have looked natural, effortless even—haven’t you always been this lovely? This self-assured? Haven’t you been flying high above the noise forever? But you know all you went through to get here and The Butterfly Earring knows it too. Like Mariah in the ’90s, you and the charm are unstoppable. The butterfly earring dangles from a single wing, hooked into your ear echoing your own voice as it constantly whispers the only assurance you need, “proud of u,” said yourself, when you most needed it.

Maybe you don’t know where you are on the journey, maybe you’ve been through it all, or know a pal going through it, maybe you just rly like butterflies, or caterpillars, or think the cocoon kind of looks like a golden shell and that’s reason enough to pounce. For any or all of these scenarios, you are covered. Cov-ered. Buy them separately, or indulge in our final gangs-all-here offering: The Becoming Bundle. It ties all three charms into a celebratory bow, or a reusable container to be more precise. Tbh, wherever you are in the cycle of self, there are always days you’ll be a caterpillar, or in a cocoon, or flapping because, you know, you contain multitudes, and so does the Becoming Bundle.

WOW. And just like that, all our Repeller babiez are out in the world. Be nice to them and they’ll love u forever. Also, show us your goods and how you’re styling them on the gram. Oh, and happy summer. You deserve it.

Art Direction/Production: Dasha Faires
Photography & Prop Styling: Leila Fakouri
Photography Assistant: Ben Mistak
Prop Assistant: Steven Cablayan
Production Assistant: Maggie Hoyle
Stylist: Harling Ross
Market: Elizabeth Tamkin
Hair: Tomoaki Sato
Makeup: Maggie Mondanile
Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang
Model: Bianca Valle

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