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The Need Supply Sale Is Full of Really Good Summer Outfit Ideas

One time a stranger on Instagram called me a “summer gal,” and even though it was completely out of context and I had no idea what she was talking about, I also knew exactly what she was talking about. I am a summer gal. I love aperol spritzes, un-ironically. I have literal pep in my step after a 20-minute encounter with Vitamin D. I’ve been known to tell people (most recently my boyfriend) that I actually find the smell of their sweaty armpits comforting. I love getting dressed when it’s hot out. Love! Which happens to be the true purpose of this digital gathering, because there’s a sale happening on Need Supply at the moment so chock-full of hot-weather outfit possibilities it’s pure lunacy. I’ve delineated three of them below to whet your armpits I mean palette, so go forth and scroll, my sweet sweaty salamanders.

Outfit Possibility #1: For the Office

I already own this shirt from Ciao Lucia but I’m putting it here for our mutual benefit, because you may want to buy it (on sale!) and I most definitely want to style it (on myself!), specifically with these Dries van Noten pants that are actually sweats but may or may not think they’re trousers. Can you believe the discount on these gems? Dries van Noten pants! For $115! A veritable steal, and not only because of the price but also because they fulfill the menocore-inspired workplace outfit of my dreams, made up of white hero pieces and mustard yellow accents. I’ll be wearing these in my ears, please and thank you, these on my commute, and this around my head. As for my feets? They will be right where they’ve always belonged, inside a pair of strappy linen sandals from Rachael Comey, on sale for $188. Office AC on full blast? Shrug on this quilted dreamboat of a jacket, which is $72 but looks like Céline.

Outfit Possibility #2: For a Party

Pardonnez-moi, but THIS might be the crowning achievement of Summer 2019’s going-out top circuit. One-shouldered? Check. Margarita green? Check. Semi-sheer? Check? Subtly textured? Check. 100% cotton? Check. On sale? Check. That’s a whole lot of checks!!!!! And it would look sooooo great with this leopard skirt, which looks just as comfy as it does chic enough to earn the approval of Franck in Father of the Bride, I just have a feeling. I would personally wear both with these blue leather sandals, which at $75 hold some particular appeal. Throw in some silver earrings that caress the insides of your ears like a sweet birthday baby, and you’ll have yourself an outfit fit for rooftop celebrations and barbecue shindigs and Jeff-Goldblum-in-a-Hawaiian-shirt theme parties alike.

Outfit Possibility #3: For the Beach

In my summer self fantasies, I am the kind of person who acquires and religiously wears the perfect black one-piece swimsuit, replete with thin straps and a slightly sloped square neckline, ideally somewhere devoid of cell service in Italy. The fact that this precise specimen is currently on sale on Need Supply seems fated to the degree that it requires a fantasy beach ensemble to go with it, and thus I submit this dress for consideration. It looks simple but in fact dips low in the back, thus retaining an element of surprise and delight. It would make for a great seaside coverup while easily transitioning to a casual dinner setting. It’s also–and here’s the really fun part–$82! Sling some barely-there sandals over your shoulder, plus a few slices of prosciutto, and you’re as stunning as a golden-hour sunset.

What are you eyeing from the sale(s), this one or otherwise? Will you come to my Jeff Goldblum Hawaiian shirt party if I have one? Feel free to chime in on any of these pressing Qs below.

Feature photo via Need Supply Co.

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