How to Decorate Your Hair With 3 New Repeller Accessories

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted but have never been able to have? Is it confidence? Indelible security? Maya Angelou’s compassion? Karlie Kloss’s legs? No? It’s a yellow and white striped bow with exaggerated dropdown ribbons on both ends featuring an additional fringe trim? Well! That is fortuitous as hell! Because as fate and my great fortune would have it, Repeller, née Man Repeller made one!!! And you can have it!!! For $30! And wear it all sorts of ways: in the back of your head to fasten a half-do. At the bottom of your braid. You can clip it into your spaghetti strap. Your tote strap. Your pants’ belt loop! Pair it with a branded barrette or go to the offices of the company that works next door to yours and play “Pin the bow on the employee I don’t know.”

No pressure, though, if a giant bow (the jum-bow henceforth) does not fall within the guardrails of your flocculent interests. There is also a bandana that you can wear 100 which ways and some acetate clips that serve as, essentially, the church that binds you to a similarly-minded, cheerful naysayer. My preference is to wear them all, but separately. Here are some ways to do that:

Actually, first here is one item of housekeeping, which should be exciting for owners of the first iteration of the above photographed barrettes. This season, we’ve replaced the dainty closures of yore with french barrette clasps so they can hold more (or less) hair in place. That’s it! That’s all. Barely even needed a broom, much less a mop, for that one, so let’s move on.

I chose the colors for our new and improved Repeller barrettes as inspired by the stripes you might see on a pair of board shorts, or a surfboard. The pink/purple/green one also meshes really well with our new white cap, replete with neon pink letters, and the yellow/orange/blue one looks great, if I may say…

With the jum-bow. As you can see, I was playing pin the bow and clips on Crystal but it was time to stop clowning around — so we up and stole the bandana from Harling’s head and tied it around Crystal’s.

Harling was cool with my clipping both clips into the bottom of an errant bunch of front hair but preferred when I used the jum-bow to fasten the bottom of her braid. She let me make the braid, which reminded me of all the time I’ve spent kneading challah and praying to enter my child-rearing years, but also of summer camp! And friendship! There’s really nothing like it, you know? Moving on.

Or am I? I am, I am, but just to show you one more photo, because while we were in studio shooting, we got to talking about your favorite body parts. The conversation was born out of my complimenting Crystal’s nose — isn’t it flawless? She said it was her favorite body part, to which I asked Harling what was hers — she said her hair, which is not technically a body part… but the heart wants what it wants! Before I could share mine Crystal’s nose was in Harling’s hair and a marriage of favorites was made. End scene.

All of which, of course, is to say: on your clasps…barrette…shop!

Photos by Edith Young. Styled with Solid & Striped velvet swimsuits.

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