Repeller drop 3 june 2019 man repeller
Repeller Drop #3: More Earrings, THE Headband, & Barrettes!


ello and welcome to Repeller drop three. Third time is the charm they say and we have got charms for days! By now you may have met the tomato, dolphin, turtle, and tiger charms, but we’ve got two new additions to our growing cavalcade of dangling darlings. Meet the cocoon charm and the orange cosmos charm, pretty groovy, aye??

Next, let’s travel a little further north, from the earlobes to the forehead where you will find The June.Indulge in some splendor in the grasscloth with this wide headband that is a nice neutral brown with a little pearly pizazz. It’s the perfect flourish for summer uniforms of all stars and stripes, and don’t let the name fool you, The June is good all summer long.

And now we circumnavigate around to the back or side or very top of the head where we happen upon not one, but two new Repeller flagpoles! As one so often finds in nature, these species share a similar makeup but vary in size and color. The Repeller Flagpole in foxfire burns brightly with sensual, fiery hues that seem to say “I’m the kind of person who has nice sheets and never gets seasonal allergies!” The JUMBO (emphasis mine) Repeller Flagpole takes up plenty of real estate on your hairstrands while loudly proclaiming that you are a fashionable person who can chew lots of ice without getting a headache!

Now here’s the wildcard, we could stay on our grand tour of the cranium, or move to the neck, or the wrist or the shoulders, one never knows where one might find the Sir-Scarf-A-Lot in tie-dye. A 100% safe and legal acid trip, the scarf is funky, festive, and ready to go wherever the wind takes it (tie it tight though, so the wind doesn’t, like, literally take it).

Isn’t it nice to know that you could pack up all of the aforementioned goodies into the final individual goodie, the Sailor Tote in algae and still have room for a bag of grapes? It’s green, it’s satin, it’s luxurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. Looks just as good with a rhinestone-studded caftan as it does with a pair of cut-offs (all in a days outfit I say) so what are you waiting for???????

Oh. You’re waiting for a bundle? Smart gal. Your patience and fortitude shall be rewarded with two bundle buds. First on ze list: the Grown-Ass Woman Bundle everything you need to handle your biz. A fiery Sir-Scarf-A-Lot, the newest Repeller Flagpole annnnnnnd the Sailor Tote in algae. Ina Garten herself couldn’t come up with a better recipe for summer flair. And bundle number two, well it sort of defies definition because it’s the Just Because Bundle. The cocoon charm, the tiger charm, and the JUMBO barrette all requested to bunk together for this one, and how could we say no! Party in their cabin!

That’s all, for now, corndogs and nacho chips, but I will see you oh so very soon for our next (and final) drop!

Art Direction/Production: Dasha Faires
Photography & Prop Styling: Leila Fakouri
Photography Assistant: Ben Mistak
Prop Assistant: Steven Cablayan
Production Assistant: Maggie Hoyle
Stylist: Harling Ross
Market: Elizabeth Tamkin
Hair: Tomoaki Sato
Makeup: Maggie Mondanile
Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang
Models: Brianna CherniakElanor Grace BockBianca Valle
Wardrobe: Datura green silk set, LESYANEBO red suit, Entireworld yellow tank, Tibi yellow high-rise jeans, Khaite red smocked peplum top via, Entireworld white T-shirt 

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