Repeller Drop 2 man repeller product june 2019
Repeller Drop #2 Is HERE (and There Are Two New Earrings!)

Oh my gawd we’re back ag-ai-n. 

Repeller drop two has entered le building!!!! Or rather is now galavanting on le beach!! If you have have yet to seize upon drop one, never fear! It’s all still available on the site, along with some brand new friends. (Psssssst! Hey! Did you know the tiger earring is back? She was the most popular girl at the party last year, so ask her to dance while you can!)

Okay, let’s take a look at who else is new in town. Drum roll please…..introducing…….for the first time ever……

The Dolphin earring! Look smart (that’s a play on words, you know, because dolphins are, like, very intelligent) and accessorize with porpoise by way of this dainty, dangly dolphin charm. Oh, and look, they brought a friend—The Turtle Earring! This sweet little buddy just wants you to have a good time. If you’re in the market for an accessory that looks great and reminds you to just, like, slow down and let it all in, man, this earring is for you!

AND ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST NEWS EVER???? For every turtle or dolphin earring you buy (or when you buy both in this cute lil bundle), we join together with IFAW to share a message of hope and to support the work they do around the world. Learn more about our collaboration here. Look good and do good, a win-win.

This is not all that comes in this week’s drop—far from it, in fact. You might want to stretch, hydrate, and text ur best friend to coordinate buys, because we have some super-cute stuff I still want to talk about. Like the brand new Unibrow Sunglasses, now with more right angles! The Unibrow Squared is the more mathematically inclined partner to the classic Unibrow, available in black and peach speckle! Perfect for beach reads that double as dissertations on the nature of relativity.

What’s that over there? Waving majestically in the wind? Is it a scarf? A headwrap? A top? A sarong? Shiver me timbers it is all of the above! The Sunny Side Up Swim Cover is a fashionable multitasker’s summer dream come true. Equal parts stylish statement piece and pool-side work (sea)horse, the only limits on this sunny, satiny stunner is your own imagination.

And now: It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag time! We’ve got three bags for you this time!! You like fringe? We got you! You like dolphins? We got you! You like stripes? Once again we. have. got. you! Imagine two sisters in an oceanside vaudeville act, each equally gorgeous and full of pizazz but different and special in their own way.  The first sister is the Umbrella Clutch in Joker. You think she’s going to be serious and haughty what with her glamorous purple fringe and mysterious moss color, but she’s actually really into pranks. Her younger spunkier sister is the Umbrella Clutch in Sunny Side Up. Don’t let her full-force yellow-striped cheerfulness fool you, she is full of hidden depths.

Further down the boardwalk, you come across a mysterious sea captain staring out at the waves. She doesn’t say a word to you, just turns and hands you the Sailor Tote in Dolphin. In an instant, your summer flashes before your eyes—you filling the tote with cans of rosé, a paperback and a bag of grapes, pulling the tomato charm out of the dolphin tote with a tomato sandwich! It’s all rushing in. By now, the sea captain has vanished, but a friendly dolphin pokes its head above the waves to say, “Wow, thanks for getting that bag! I heard  the IFAW is all about it, which helps support me!” Then the dolphin is gone too. But not before leaping into the air and waving one ecstatic flipper-wave g’bye.

I get it. It’s summer. You want to do it all. Go to the beach, go to dinner, go to a bar where no one bothers you and you can just dance to whatever Megan Thee Stallion song you want to on repeat and then magically you get some free mozzarella sticks. As it turns out, doing it all is greatly aided by the To Beach Her Own Bundle. Simply toss your swimsuit and shorts into the lilac umbrella clutch, push your Unibrow Squared glasses onto your glorious nose, and hit the beach. Later, turn the Sunny Side Up into the perfect going out top and take yourself to dinner/dancing. From sand to sandwich, was life ever this easy and cheesy? (Still thinking bout those mozz sticks.)

Oh, and if you find yourself with a few extra minutes on your hands, might I suggest composing the song of the summer on the Repeller play site? Or you could send your dad a sorry-this-is-a-little-late Repeller affirmation. Even if you’re busy you can just turn the sound on in the background and let the soothing “relaxxxx” lull you into a productive stasis.

See you at our next drop/on the beach/at the pool/in my wildest dreams!!!

Art Direction/Production: Dasha Faires
Photography & Prop Styling: Leila Fakouri
Photography Assistant: Ben Mistak
Prop Assistant: Steven Cablayan
Production Assistant: Maggie Hoyle
Stylist: Harling Ross
Market: Elizabeth Tamkin
Hair: Tomoaki Sato
Makeup: Maggie Mondanile
Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang
Models: Brianna CherniakElanor Grace BockBianca Valle
Wardrobe: Datura green silk set, Entireworld red T-shirt, Belize red linen skirt via, Polo Ralph Lauren purple swim shorts via, Giu Giu purple tube top

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