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The Only Thing You Need for a Beach-to-Dinner Outfit Transition

One metamorphosis more impressive than a caterpillar turning into a butterfly? The formerly swimsuit-clad human showing up to dinner in a silverware-and-tablecloth-appropriate ensemble only 15 minutes after pulling their pruned fingers out of the ocean. Otherwise known as the classic beach-to-dinner transition, this changeover seems near impossible in theory but it’s as simple as swiping sunscreen behind your ears in practice—because you only need one high-performing swath of fabric to make it happen.

Repeller’s Sunny Side Up Swim Cover is as high-performing as it gets. Silky, scalloped, and printed with yellow and white stripes, it’s designed to take you from morning to evening and/or beach to spaghetti aglio e olio like the humble egg from whence its moniker came. Scroll down for a demo.

First, Wear It Sunny Side Up at the Beach…

beach looks harling ross man repeller

Wearing a swim cover ocean-side is as easy as it sounds, both in terms of wearing and packing (your weekend go-bag will reach unprecedented levels of lightness). It’s even easier, however, when the cover-up in question is just as aesthetically exciting as it is functional. I’ve opted for the classic approach of knotting the cover at my hip to fashion it into a skirt, paired with a one-piece swimsuit that moonlights as a cool tank up until the point when I finally pick myself up off my hypothetical lounge chair and fling myself into the sea. Other beachy-keen uses for the Sunny Side Up Cover include: beach pashmina, beach towel, beach dress, and beach loin cloth.

Then, Scramble It Into the Perfect Tube Top…

beach looks harling ross man repeller

I’m a big fan of wearing beach cover-ups as tube tops, primarily because tube tops are the unsung hero of casual summer dinners. If you’re feeling fancy (I always am), cinch it loosely with a chain belt at your waist. Pair it with a skirt or white jeans (dealer’s choice!), plus a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops for the purposes of surprise and delight. Then go sit down and have a sip of your negroni.

Or! Fry It Over-Easy, a.k.a. Halter-Style…

beach looks harling ross man repeller

Pardon me, but can you believe it’s possible to fashion the ultimate going-out top from a not-so-humble square of cloth? I couldn’t until I saw it happen before my very eyes, or rather on my very sternum. I’m a big fan of pairing this perfectly dinner-appropriate formulation with high-waist trousers and Unibrow sunglasses, which happen to be ideal for watching sunsets melt into puddles of sky sorbet.

How are you planning to wear your Sunny Side Up Swim Cover(s)? Bonus points if you say all of the above, but I won’t be mad if you pick a fave.

Photos by Madeline Montoya.

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