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I Asked My Husband to Style Me at 9 Months Pregnant

My boyfriend Cecil (whom I have called “husband” ever since we had a child, even though we’re not actually married) might be my only true fashion idol. I don’t really know anything about style; all I do is dress up the way I intuitively think might look good. It works out maybe 40 percent of the time. That’s why, when Man Repeller asked if I would let Cecil style me for a week, I immediately thought: Thank god. Finally, a week in which I will be well-dressed 100 percent of the time. There was only one, small encumbrance: I’m currently nine months pregnant.

To my surprise, Cecil was more than eager to rise to this challenge. Probably because he sees my pregnant body as this beautiful, full-nurturing, blossoming flower (ahem) whereas I’m preoccupied with my swollen feet and can only assume I still have a vagina. Keep scrolling to see how it went, swollen feet and all.

Day 1

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller
Eckhaus Latta sweater, J.W.Anderson pants, Chanel shoes, bracelet is a gift from Cecil

I bought these pants on sale literally a week after I found out I was pregnant. They aren’t maternity pants, but I ordered them in a much bigger size than I usually wear. I actually hadn’t worn them once, until Cecil decided to put me in them for the first day of the challenge. I felt quite big (massive when seen from the side) in them. Cecil really liked them, though, and styled them with this Eckhaus Latta jumper we bought in L.A. a month or two ago. I hadn’t worn that yet either since it’s too tight right where my baby belly ends, so it makes me feel a little claustrophobic (anyone else know that feeling with clothing? I have the same problem with tights).

I really liked the outcome in terms of appearance, but honestly did not feel entirely comfortable in it (even though he added my very favorite Mary Janes from Chanel). Having him take my photo also reminded me why he doesn’t take photos of me in the first place. The typical you-take-shit-photos-of-me scenario isn’t helpful when it comes to relationship harmony.

Day 2

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller

This outfit is as close as I come to a uniform. All of the pieces are my absolute favorites in terms of both style and comfort, so Cecil essentially dressed me just the way I like, which I really appreciated. A perfect Tuesday ensemble.

Day 3

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller
Eckhaus Latta dress, Closed coat, Arket shoes, vintage bag — similar here

On Wednesday, my doctor ordered me to rest in bed for a while, which meant this fun and playful outfit ultimately went unseen by the public. A shame, but honestly, I would not have left the house in these shoes. Heels are too impractical for me. Why would I voluntarily make life miserable for myself?!

Day 4

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller

Ugh, my dream outfit. These Issey pants have been my daily companion throughout this pregnancy. The beautiful, sheer Eckhaus Latta top is a specimen of utter perfection in my world of material things. I never wear bras and I often fantasize about styling myself in transparent, free-the-nipple kinds of situations. However, even though I feel confident and happy with my breasts in theory, I still tend to get self-conscious and bail last-minute. This outfit inspired me to change that, because female nipples aren’t anything to be ashamed of, and it should be completely normal for them to be seen in public (if that’s what the woman in question desires). Men can show their nipples, so why shouldn’t we? This is my long-winded way of saying: Thank you, Cecil, for being an open-minded, liberal, wonderful boyfriend and man.

Day 5

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller

This was a dreamy outfit, yet very difficult to actually wear as it’s wool and not stretchy at all. Still, Cecil’s decision to match it with my favorite Prada shoes and hat once again proves I can always trust his taste.

Day 6

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller

This outfit made me feel like an uber-chic Nancy Meyers protagonist. If I only looked this cool every day. I felt extremely mature and ready for bizness. I also appreciate that Cecil put me in an all-white ensemble at the end of my pregnancy, since I can say adieu to that once the baby is born.

Day 7

husband dressed me pregnant man repeller

If I had to choose one piece of clothing to wear for the rest of my pregnancy, it would be this black Ann Demeulemeester dress. It’s sooo good. So ladylike, but with a total Patti Smith Rockstar kind of feeling. The high heels, as you might guess, were not my cup of tea. This sticking point is were Cecil and I probably clashed the most throughout this process. I know he would love more heels in my outfits, but I feel cooler/chicer/sexier/more confident in flats.

Overall, though, I loved this challenge. I appreciate how open-minded my man was while dressing me and considering my preferences. Until now, I didn’t realize how deeply he understands my style. Getting dressed is one of my favorite modes of creative expression, and it’s fun even when the result isn’t “perfect.” I’m so glad I temporarily turned over the reigns to someone who shares this appreciation for experimentation, but now that it’s done… I’m slipping my swollen feet straight into some Birkenstocks.

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