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3 Non-Boring Ways to Wear Jeans This Summer

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If I had a nickel for every time I wore jeans and a sweater this past autumn, winter, and early spring, I would have enough nickels to pay someone to entertain me with a personalized limerick while I shave my legs. Jeans are so embedded in the mindset of cold-weather dressing that by the time summer rolls around, their existence can feel somewhat puzzling, like a foreign artefact in a strange land. They’re still an undeniable staple — that much is obvious — but their warm-weather identity is nebulous at best. In my humble opinion, that’s what makes wearing denim in the summer all the more exciting: because I (and by I, I mean we), get to define it.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some stylistic personas for jeans from June through August with three special pairs from AG’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Please leave your preconceived notions inside the box where you store your winter wardrobe.

The Beach Renegade En Route to an Aquarium Disco

AG The Tomas jeans styled with Missoni swimsuit, Zara shoes and Laura Lombardi necklace

Wearing a swimsuit as a shirt is a summer style hack more people should capitalize on—if for no other reason than their distinct going-out top appeal. Tucked into a pair of trouser-like jeans, like The Tomas from AG, and they answer the age-old question, “where will this night take me?” with a definitive response: SOMEWHERE FUN.

The Supremely Chic Starlet Whose Only Accepted Mode of Transport is a Convertible

AG The Rhett jeans styled with Rebecca Taylor jacket, Clergerie shoes, Squar’d Away scarf and Warby Parker sunglasses

A vintage-inspired, high-waist jean silhouette like The Rhett’s practically begs your legs to cross themselves atop a butter-soft leather car seat, real or imaginary, don’t you think? So cross them you must, while simultaneously wearing an equally soft white tank and pretending you’re in some kind of cinematic montage on a winding road. Throw on a tweed blazer and a silk scarf to protect your shoulders and hair from the inevitable wind that will encircle you, and turn up the volume on whatever song happens to be at this very moment yours.

The 70s Time-Traveler on a Mission to Restore the Good Name of Subtle Flares

AG The Angel jeans styled with Frankie Shop orange shirt, Entireworld mock neck sweater and Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes

It recently occurred to me that subtle flares, or the artist occasionally known as “bootcut,” might be on the cusp of resurgence (and by “recently” I mean just a couple weeks ago when I was styling this shoot and saw how truly great they looked). It also occurred to me that they might be the most apropos summer jean style, seeing as they have an innate sense of wide-ankle-berth chill. Since the lewks of the early 2000s gave them a questionable reputation, though, I’m looking to the 1970s for inspiration on how to wear flares the cool way. Starting with a good base, i.e. the jeans themselves, is key. This pair from AG is called The Angel, a fitting name for a truly holy vessel for your stems (does that count as a dad joke? If so, I’m sorry and you’re welcome).

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Photos by Edith Young. 

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