You text your group thread. You mark your calendar. You fantasize about what swimsuit to bring. That one. No! THIS one, the one that makes you feel like doing cartwheels under water. You get a pedicure, not because anyone will care how your toes look–but because you’ve wanted to try out a particular lime green polish since January. You glance down at your freshly lime-greened toes and notice the little hairs on your legs. You decide not to shave because you like how it feels, that soft prickle, when your run your hands down your shins. You purchase a flamingo float, and yes, you know Instagram has somewhat quashed their special allure, and yes, you know they are cliché, but what is life if not an opportunity to be somewhat cliché? Especially for your inaugural pool day of summer 2019.

Then, the night before, you check the weather. Overcast. Foggy. Humid. Rainy. Not a speck of sun. The group thread is blowing up:


This sucks!


Did u guys know it’s physically impossible to lick your elbow?


We should reschedule, right?

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

You ponder. You ponder a little more. You dispatch a proposal: Let’s go. Who knows! The rain might hold off. Worst case scenario it pours and we take shelter in that taco restaurant we all like nearby with the weird bathroom and really good chips. The group thread agrees, united in the consolation prospect of really good chips.

The morning of, you wake up to the sound of rain splattering on your AC unit. You put on your swimsuit, the one that makes you feel like doing cartwheels under water. You style it with a wraparound skirt and a mini bag full of wishful thinking (sunblock, sunglasses, bucket hat). You grab the flamingo float that you inflated last night with your own two lungs, and walk outside under the shelter of an umbrella.

As soon as you get to the pool, the rain stops. The sun doesn’t come out (this is real life, not Annie), and the air feels thick enough to slice, but still. It’s not raining!

The weather predictions were enough to deter all other potential pool day organizers. Instead of fighting for chairs, you’re lounging across multiple at once like Queens of Sheba, spreading out snacks and books and phones and towels with inconsequential abandon. It’s so foggy you can barely see the surrounding buildings on the same block, but you have the pool to yourselves and you can actually SEE the pages of the book you’re reading instead of trying to squint against the glare and instead of sweating uncomfortably your body is the perfect temperature, ensconced in a cocoon of overcast warmth.

You stick your lime green toes in the pool and think about making lemonade out of lemons, or in this case, a perfect summer day out of imperfect weather. It starts to drizzle again, but hey. You’re already wearing a waterproof outfit.

Photographed by Kava Gorna at Mr. Purple at Hotel Indigo LES 
Photo Assistant: Anna Alek
Stylist and Producer: Harling Ross
Production Assistant: Jean Pflum
Market: Elizabeth Tamkin
Models: Han Na Shin of THE BTWN and Sheila Renninger and Shannun L of We Speak
Makeup: Katie Mellinger


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