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The Man Repeller Mother’s Day Gift Challenge

Moms being what they so often are—selfless, tricky in a cute way, “really wanting you to save your money!” etc.—can make them extremely difficult to buy gifts for. However, shopping is kind of our thing over here. So we decided to give ourselves a little challenge: We texted our moms and asked for three adjectives to describe their dream mother’s day gift and then we did our best to hunt it down.

Check out our picks below and let us know how we did. Then text your own mom, okay? She’s probably worried about you.

Disclaimer: Not all of our moms are huge fans of following directions. Surprised?

Mom Hint No. 1: “Personal. Experiential. Memorable.”

And she went on to say… “A walk under the stars holding hands, a home-cooked meal where everyone in the fam cooks one thing, a special photo or video clip, a vintage hollow heart with some special words tucked inside.”

My gift: My mother has never been into physical gifts (and thank goodness because postage to Canada ain’t cheap!) but luckily I’m going to see her this summer and will most definitely be making her whatever meal she dang well pleases. The last gift I gave her was a Dropbox folder of all our family home videos, cut, exported, and labeled. Using tech organization to catalogue memories is always a hit.
—Starling, Office Coordinator

Mom Hint No. 2: “Simple. Thoughtful. Colorful.”

My gift: (Kathy Nahman stop reading this right now!!!) My siblings and I are getting her a gardening book called A Garden Can Be Anywhere (it’s great!) since she’s been getting really into growing her own fruits, herbs and veggies. We’re also getting her this ceramic bowl from our favorite New York design store, Coming Soon, to store the fruits of her labor, because she’s always looking for ways to bring more color into her house (she moved out of our childhood home a couple years ago, where she’d painted every room a different bright color).

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—Haley, Deputy Editor

Mom Hint No. 3: “A. Nice. Card.”

She literally refused! This is so typical of my mother I couldn’t even stand it. She never, ever wants gifts, and then will go above and beyond with a curated gift basket featuring things that not even the internet knows you want, but you seriously do. This woman needs a novel written about her.

My gift: I’ll be getting her this! A framed print of our family, paired with a handwritten, thoughtful card. A couple of years ago I made her a photobook from Artifact Uprising and it was the best gift I’ve ever given her, by far (she claimed). I know she’ll be happy with this.

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—Amalie, Social Media Manager

Mom Hint No. 4: “Thoughtful. Loving. Caring.”

I honestly think this is what all gifts should be, so it doesn’t really help me out in terms of actually deciding what to get. After asking her to be more specific her three words are now “Luxurious, Indulgent, Beautiful.” Might have shot myself in the foot/wallet there.

My gift: Along with flowers in the morning, a very heartfelt card and this Jasmin-scented candle, we’ll do a girls-only brunch at one of her favorite restaurants (also Mothers Day in the UK has already come and gone, so, Mum, if you’re reading this, this will be for next year!)

—Jasmin, Director of Partnerships

Mom Hint No. 5: “Literary. Fragrant. Delicious.”

My gift: This just makes it very clear that she wants a book, a candle and maybe a gift card to a restaurant. She is a creature of habit. I’m getting her this Book Candle from Commodity. I love Commodity Candles. I think they’re just fragrant enough.

—Nora, Partnerships Editor

Mom Hint No. 6: “Thoughtful. Heartfelt. Cute.”

My gift: My mom visited (from Ohio) a few weeks ago, so I am 100% going the route of a photo mug with an iPhone shot from the weekend. On top of being pragmatic, there’s a nostalgia factor to receiving a “I <3 my mom” mug from your kid. That, coupled with a keepsake from her visit and our trip to Coney Island, certainly checks all the boxes and is sure to land.

—Matt, Head of Business Development

Mom Hint No. 7: “Thoughtful. Personal. Luscious.”

This could be anything from chocolate to jewelry to something more experiential, but since she is all the way in Arkansas, I think I’ll go with jewelry.

My gift: She has this opal ring that her Dad gave her that she has worn her whole life, so I think getting her either an opal necklace or opal studs would be nice. I love this opal necklace from Thatch jewelry.

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—Dasha, Director of Product Development

Mom Hint No. 8: “Unusual. Impractical. Beautiful.”

My gift: I am in love with the Homeware section on but most specifically, I think this guy fits my mom’s desire for something unusual, impractical and beautiful! I doubt anyone at her board meetings will say, “I have that pepper jar!” Just one is cool, but what about a set? I’ll get her one in orange and one in red (she has always vocalized a distaste for green peppers, so I’ll skip that guy).

—Elizabeth, Market Strategist

Mom Hint No. 9: “Thoughtful. Pretty. Lovely”

My gift: Well, now I’m in a bit of a pickle because I was planning on getting her a Roomba to clean up after/keep her two cats in line. Perhaps this book of Emily Dickinson poetry will work. The words are lovely, the wood engraving art is pretty, and Mary Anne is always encouraged a love of reading in me and my brothers growing up. Plus, she’s always game for a good poem.

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—Patty, Head of Partnerships

Mom Hint No. 10: “Clean. Delicate. Graceful.”

My gift: My mom loves anything that’s clean and delicate—the smell of fresh laundry, a white linen shirt, a sea breeze, light grays paired with light blues. She also loves perfume, which is pretty evident from these descriptors (not an accident!). She recently fell for Lake & Skye 11 11 (I actually gave her a sample that I had 🙂 ) so I’ll be getting her a full bottle to thoroughly enjoy. Historically, she has also loved TOCCA’s Giulietta and Philosophy Amazing Grace—maybe your mom will too?

—Emily, Visual Manager

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