The 14 Most Memorable Stories We Ran This Month

If I had kept count, I think the word cliché would have been uttered at least 200 times in MR HQ this month. Alas, I did not, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say we spoke about this month’s theme a lot. We discussed the clichés that signal adulthood, the ones that inspire our morning get-ready routines, and the ones that we plan on using as often as possible moving forward (watch out, bad eggs). Here are a few of the May stories that inspired many conversations this month:

Peak Maturity: Accepting That You’re a Cliché
Team MR Got Dressed as Our Most Cliché Selves
Publishing Experts on Whether You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover
Moms Weigh In on Which Parenting Clichés Are Legit

Beyond spilled milk and personal style ruts recipes, here are some more posts we loved this month:

The Ones That Inspired an Entire Day Dedicated to Carly Rae

Shopping for (Obscene Amounts of) Candy With Carly Rae Jepsen
CRJ Superfans Who Are Not Teens
A Lyrics Expert on What Makes Carly Rae Jepsen Like Nobody Else
My Thought Process Behind Styling the Internet’s Favorite Pop Star

The One That Inspired the Most Discussion in the Comments

Men Share Their Abortion Stories: “I Think About It Every Day”

The One That Proved We All Have a Bunch of Opinions on Flip Flops

How to Wear the #1 Sandal Trend of the Summer

The One That Inspired a Team Outing to Xi’an Famous Foods

Allow Me to Convince You to Take a Lunch Break Today

The Ones That Reminded Us Haley and Harling Give the Best Advice

I’ve Only Had One Romantic Partner. Am I Missing Out?
I Don’t Like the Person I’ve Become. Is It Too Late?

And the One That Proved Babydoll Dresses Are Even More Adorable Than We Remembered

5 Babydoll Dresses That Are Aggressively Cute

Feature image by Louisiana Gelpi.

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