Really Good Tweed Jackets that Don’t Cost an Arm and an Elbow

You know what they say: what’s the point of getting a tweed jacket if you have to pay your arms to wear it? No one has expressed that officially to my knowledge, but it seems like a good slogan to go by. So, welcome to a market report dealing exclusively in the trade of tweed. The tweed trade. Trade ya tweed! Tweed ya trade! Yeah.

What a cathartic revelation it was to learn that my ideal style template includes a combination that I have described at different times as the breakfast buffet at a 4-star hotel, Bunny MacDougal (I love a strand of pearls) meets veteran physical therapist turned health coach (and drop crotch linen pants!) or “if a music festival on the English countryside took place on the Upper East Side.” I guess in all of these examples, what’s clear is that the most earnest personal style is extracted from the most precise and stereotypical disciplines (Bunny Mac-D as a beacon of elderly, well-to-do style from uptown or a music festival as the ideal grounds, pun superintended, for slashed up jean shorts) then thrown into a blender to present something-a-new.

I bring this up only as a precaution — because there may well be no place for one or more of the pillars of my style in the template of yours. And that is totally okay! It’s encouraged, in fact. But in the event you are intrigued by exploring the particular parts of me that have expressed an unwavering affinity for a tweed jacket, I invite you to peruse the below pantry of options.

These have been selected in line with the following classifications: must be collarless (a tweed blazer doesn’t quite cut it; if I am going that route, I choose an oversize, men’s jacket with semi-cropped sleeves and air vents that flap over my butt); feature bells and whistles such as pearl accents, sequined trim, metallic threading or all of the above and the preference, though if not present is not a deal breaker, is that said jacket is relatively cropped (no longer than your hip bones, but no shorter than your ribcage) and be shaped like a box. (It looks better when you leave a shirt hanging out under it.) So, here we go:

Under $500

You’ll notice that actually, one of these jackets has a collar, but it’s not exactly a blazer, and definitely fits the bill-of-boxy so I let it pass through my highly rigorous qualification process, chiefly because the color combo is so damn strong. It’s practically begging for a pair of ripped jeans. Give it what it wants!

Under $400

Curiously harder to find than I’d have initially anticipated, the sweet spot between $301 and $400 dollars provided but one example I wanted to present, the caveat is that this is probably my favorite one of the whole damn loot. I’d wear it with striped stretchy pants that feature a kickflare at the hem.

Under $300

If that metallic Marc Jacobs jacket (second from left) is sold out, you’ll know it’s because I bought it. But fret not! I left you the gift of feather sleeves.

Under $200

And sequined trim! But my cash $$$ is on the pink option. You know, now that I’m re-evaluating my picks, it is clear that my classifications are incredibly loose. They are more like preferences than anything else. But you know what they say, you live and you learn.

Under $100

If these are gone before you get to them, hit me up in the comments and I will continue to sleuth. I really mean it when I say that nothing brings me so much joy as helping ppl find shit they’re looking for. Except for just one thing. That thing is this.

Photos by Edith Young. 

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