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Shanghai Street Style Is a Breath of Fresh Air for Your Wardrobe’s Lungs

I thought I was over street style slideshows — not forever, obviously, but temporarily — until September at least. I thought my cup of concrete inspiration had sufficiently runneth over. I thought I had absorbed enough in-the-wild styling ideas to last me for months. But then Shanghai Fashion Week happened and the storage compartment inside my brain where mentally-bookmarked street style outfits languish burst open, expanding to accept this influx of additional fodder.

Naturally, I complied. (I live in Manhattan. Who am I to ignore the boon of extra storage space?) As I clicked through the photos, I couldn’t help taking notes on the simple ingenuity of clipping a barrette to your lapel like a broach (slide #1). Or on the ideal silhouette for shorts, which I will now search for with resolute aplomb (slide #16). Or on the unexpected cool factor bestowed by a bouquet of sunflowers (slide #34). Each outfit was like a breath mint for my wardrobe, dosing it in a refreshing perspective that cast my formerly stale-feeling clothes in a new light.

That’s the thing about great personal style — you can’t really get tired of it, because it’s different every time. Check out the below slideshow and see for yourself.

Photos by Matthew Sperzel.

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