Office Apropos: 24 More Spring Outfits We Wore Last Week

Spring-a-ding-ding!!!!!!! (That’s spring calling your cell phone to tell you it has officially arrived, in case it wasn’t clear). With spring’s inception comes allergies, chirping birds, Vitamin D, picnics, bike rides, and transitional weather outfits, the latter of which we have in spades on this fine Tuesday morning courtesy of Man Repeller’s second batch of seasonal Office Apropos. In it, you will find jackets paired with sandals and cardigans getting chummy with sundresses. Bermuda shorts and trench coats. Sweatshirts layered over sweaters. The result is a wedding ceremony between the vestiges of our winter wardrobes and the tulip buds of our summer equivalents, so pull up a chair, put on a rousing edition of “Come on, Eileen,” and get ready to celebrate love and inspo galore.

Leandra, Day 1:

Here’s the deal: I’m wearing orange cropped flare pants, a matching tunic with a purple silk half zip over it and a fringe-detail blazer over that. The sandals are probably somewhat confusing because how warm could it possibly be given the details uptown, but this is one of those fateful somehow-I’m-not-hot-or-cold kind of days. My one regret is that I did not shoot it from the side, part of what made the outfit work (and why I buttoned the blazer) is because of the way the butt vent on the back of the jacket falls just above the bottom of the tunic, over the pants.

Leandra, Day 2:

Whoever says motherhood does not change their style is lying. It might not change their taste, but if you are the kind of woman who once marveled in truly nailing the fuck out of an outfit, I regret to inform you that once you’ve had kids, there’s not enough room in the mind to concern yourself with it. Do I miss feeling excited about what I’m wearing all the time? You bet your bottom dollar! Must I continue to rely on tried and true basics –a uniform that chose me and not the other way around — until I have more space? I guess so.

Leandra, Day 3:

See, this look is a direct reaction to the day before, but now that I’m annotating the photo, I kind of feel like a parody of myself. I’d have worn this like, 4 years ago — maybe even 2 or 3 — without qualm, but today, while the intention is right (cropped cardigan! Over spaghetti strap tank top! Over skater shorts! And a 4th color of shoe!), I’m wondering why I didn’t just wear the jeans again.

Leandra, Day 4:

Fabiana Pigna dress — another here, Mansur Gavriel shoes, Repeller sunglasses (launching in June!)

Ah, here’s a good one. Easy wearing, easy squatting, matching ballet slippers to drill down on a point that is oft-overlooked but important: string bean green is a great color independent of your relationship to the left side of the Irish flag. Also a very good outfit to hide things in such as a fax machine or full cartons of eggs, not that I eat eggs. (Sometimes I eat eggs.)

Leandra, Day 5:

And now we are really talking: if I had to choose one of these 5 outfits to best encapsulate my style right now, I’d pick this guy with the tie dye shirt sandwiched between a classic, loose-fit cable knit sweater and wide leg ivory jeans. I think it says, “I didn’t come here to party, but I am always ready to rock out,” which is a mantra I am comfortable using in the Instagram bio of my life.

Crystal, Day 1:

Chinatown market shirt — another here, vintage skirt — similar here, Supreme hat, vintage belt — similar here, Nike shoes, Vacation 4 Sale Vintage bag — similar here

Be prepared…Everything i’m wearing this week came from my travels over the last three weeks and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Also prepare yourselves for me wearing this super specific skirt all summer.

Crystal, Day 2:

Vintage shirt — similar here, vintage dress — similar here, Free People belt, Nike shoes, The Design Studio bag

“Nice for Whateth” Is my Shakespearean / Drake mashup ideal concert situation.

Crystal, Day 3:

First day of nice ass weather means a pants-less ass for me.

Crystal, Day 4:

Vintage shirt — similar here, Shop Top Knot pants, vintage hat — similar here, vintage collar — similar here, Nike shoes, Opening Ceremony fanny pack

This outfit makes me feel like the country version of Willie Wonka.

Crystal, Day 5:

I quite literally slid all around the city in this overly silky situation of an outfit.

Emily, Day 1:

I impulsively bought this Verner headband because I loved it so much and have been trying to figure out what to wear it with, without being too literal, but I think this combination works? The Blundstone’s say: “I went to art school!” and the headband says “I like 16th century paintings of matriarchs wearing giant headpieces!” Both still coincide with each other.

Emily, Day 2:

I’ve been on the hunt for cool plus size tie dye t-shirts, which I have come to find, are pretty hard to acquire. It took looking through the men’s section at Target to find this one (+ the light blue tie dye one that I wore later this same week!)

Emily, Day 3:

This skirt from the Hallogen x Atlantic Pacific collection at Nordstrom (which includes both straight AND plus sizes! Bless) reminded me of the dress that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman, which is why I got it. I have never found a more “me” bag although I feel like I always say that. Thank you, Staud, for continuing to make a bunch of other “me” bags. This one might be next.

Emily, Day 4:

I’ve been on a T-shirt kick, as you can see I wore a t shirt on 4/5 days this week. I love this one by one of our illustrators, Allison Filice, who creates our zodiac illustrations. I paired it with a skirt from Eloquii and then added a clear flower bag from Poppy Lissiman for a full flower market/bodega effect.

Emily, Day 5:

When in doubt: blazer it out. I have been rotating a blazer, T-shirt + jeans combo for awhile now, and I’m still not tired of it. These sunglasses were a splurge for myself and I really cherish them. I wore Birkenstocks for 3 days in a row because I no longer let my (wide ass) feet suffer. Remember Man Repeller products? (see: dopp kit!) New summer products will be dropping sooonnnn!!

Amalie, Day 1:

This may be the happiest I’ve ever looked in a photo and it’s really because of Edith Young, but also probably because I love my Kule shirt so much. (Seriously — I indulged in two before I arrived chez Man Repeller because I knew I would wear them to the end of time and they are such a great pieces because I wear them CONSTANTLY/with everything.) If you’re a stripes type, it’s just worth it, tbqh.

Amalie, Day 2:

This outfit didn’t work out exactly as I hoped and that’s okay! I love all of the pieces individually — shoes I’ll wear into infinity and beyond, my sweatshirt from a small brand that does some really awesome stuff, my vintage orange tab Levi’s that are the best damn weight of denim I’ve ever experienced — ALL OF THEM!

Amalie, Day 3:

Today was unexpectedly hot so my trench was peeled off prior to this shot and I feel like this pose adequately reflects my bafflement.

Amalie, Day 4:

I said this maybe ~20 times on the day I wore this dress, but I AM NOT A DRESS PERSON and this dress did things to my heart that made them sing, dance, tumble, shimmy. I have it in my head that dresses don’t look quite right on me, but I said “forget it” when I saw this dress from Veda. It is pure fantasy and feels incredible.

Amalie, Day 5:

This outfit was kind of a wild card, but it also could be my ethos captured in one ensemble. These sunglasses are what some might call “not a great fit for my face,” but I tend not to think about things like that with sunglasses, and more about how they make me feel. And they make me feel awesome. This whole outfit was saying “hello” to me, and hopefully to you, too.

Starling, Day 1:

Putting on a neck scarf is a transformative experience.

Starling, Day 2:

Toile is not a phase!!

Starling, Day 3:

Stillwater Vintage dress — similar here, vintage coat — similar here, necklaces made by Starling Irving

This dess makes me feel so swanky.

Starling, Day 4:

Mirth Vintage shorts — similar here, Maximum Henry belt, vintage boots – similar here, Mirth Vintage turtleneck — similar here, vintage coat – similar here, necklaces made by Starling Irving

When in doubt, #stickofbutter.

Photos by Edith Young.

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