I Highly Suggest You Check Out Tibi’s Online Sample Sale

The journey from falling in love with something on the runway, stalking it when it is finally available for purchase six months later, and finally watching it go on sale another six months after that is a long one. Babies are gestated and born in less time than that! Novels are written! Oceans are crossed! And yet, the aforementioned waiting period feels entirely worth it when months of patience pay off in the advent of an honest-to-goodness, monumental, heavily discounted sample sale. I can attest to this firsthand having recently combed through the offering of Tibi’s online sample sale, only to find myself restarting my computer because I enthusiastically opened up too many tabs. The selection is seriously good, as are the prices. Keep scrolling for a veritable plethora of pieces worth considering.

1. A Belt That Will Go With Everything (You’ll See)

I’ve used this exact belt courtesy of Tibi’s sample closet to accessorize multiple Man Repeller editorials, so I feel confident in my conviction when I tell you it truly goes with every outfit — and not only that, it improves every outfit. It’s hard to pin down exactly why, but I think it’s the combination of neutral base (i.e. brown belt) and statement accent (i.e. neon buckle) that fits seamlessly into any equation while simultaneously giving it an extra kick.

2. Quilted Joggers (Because Why the Hell Not?)

I have a hunch these joggers might be THE best airport pants of all time. My evidence for this assumption includes the fact that they are basically sweatpants and therefore innately comfortable but also (!!) have the air of an aesthetically pleasing trouser thanks to their quilted detailing and front and back pockets. Do with that information what you will, but one possible course of action is, inevitably, “ADD TO CART.”

3. Plus the Matching Blazer (for Instant Outfit Perfection)

As Haley and I have waxed poetic about at length, there are few sartorial hacks easier and more satisfying than simply wearing two things cut from the same swath of fabric. Matching, as rudimentary as it sounds, is truly an instant source of put-together sophistication. That’s why, if you just added Tibi’s quilted joggers to cart and are looking for one more piece to join it, I wholeheartedly suggest that this blazer be IT.

4. A Denim Pencil Skirt (That Doesn’t Really Look Like Denim)

I have a white skirt in almost this exact silhouette, which I would classify as somewhere in between knee-length and midi, and it amazes me how much of an outfit saver it is. Whenever I’m getting dressed for something and need to employ a guaranteed satisfying outfit scenario, I incorporate it and poof! Instant success. I’ve been looking for another one like it for awhile now in a different color, so this sale discovery is particularly tempting to me. I especially like that it’s denim but but doesn’t immediately scream DENIM, if that makes sense, because that means it can easily swing between casual and upscale like the best kind of wardrobe pendulum.

5. The Boots I’ve Been Eyeing for Months (70% Off!)

My former colleague by the name of Amelia Diamond has these boots and every time she wore them around me I would inevitably find myself procrastinating on my entire to-do list in order to spend quality time wallowing in my shoe envy. Needless to say, I can confirm they look just as great in person as they do on the page, and the fact that they’re currently on sale for less than half of their original price feels like being handed a lounge chair, a can of whipped cream and an afternoon with nothing to do (in other words, it feels incredible).

6. A Zip-Up Ready and Waiting for Transitional Weather (Goodbye, Turtlenecks)

Emotionally speaking, turtleneck season is coming to a close. But it’s still cold out, which means your neck is still in need of warmth, which means you should join me in considering zip-ups as the ideal transitional weather topper. This one from Tibi comes in two colors so dazzling they promise to be instant pick-me-ups on a cloudy day, literal or figurative.

7. A Dress to Wear to Every Wedding (Because I Can’t Be the Only One With an Impending Nuptial Deluge)

Over the course of the next 12 months, I am attending five whole weddings, and it would not shock me if additional ones snuck in along the way. Thus, I am in theory tasked with the responsibility of coming up with at least five whole wedding guest outfits to wear — maybe more. I’ll probably wear things I already have to most of them, but if I am compelled to purchase a new dress to wear, I want to make sure it’s one I can get multiple uses out of. Statement-making as a green or purple sequin dress may be, I see loads of potential for versatility in this creation from Tibi. How great would it look with a black blazer and strappy sandals for one wedding, and then a tweed jacket, kitten-heel pumps and a velvet hair bow for another? The options are endless. I’m just getting started.

So, is your cart full of amazing things at even more amazing prices?? Apologies if I just derailed your entire morning, but also, you’re welcome.

Feature image by Edith Young. 

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