I like my denim recommendations like I like my harmless gossip: whispered in a hushed but excited tone and accompanied by the kind of gleaming, sincere facial expression that suggests, in no uncertain terms, that this information might change your life. It doesn’t always happen in such a satisfying manner, but there is something about a style suggestion dispensed by word-of-mouth from a person you trust that carries more weight (and this is particularly true of jeans, which are notoriously hard to shop for). To that point, members of Team MR, whose trustworthiness I can personally attest to, are sharing their all-time favorite jeans — plus photos so you can get a sense of what they look like on actual humans out in the wild. I highly suggest reading each recommendation in hushed but excited tone as you scroll. Don’t forget to share yours in the comments.

1. Moussy Vintage Blue Odessa Wide Straight Jeans

leandra medine cohen jeans mirror selfie
Styled with Bougeotte loafers

Recommended by: Leandra, Founder

How long have you had them? Like two years — I got them while I was pregnant and fantasized about how they would complete almost any outfit I put on, but couldn’t actually fit into them until last year.

How often do you wear them? Last spring into summer I wore them at least 2-3x a week. I didn’t wear them at all this past winter (I hate how they look with most boots and actually come to think of it, heels, too,) so feel strongly that they’re at their best when worn with either a loafer or flat that reveals a sliver of bare skin, or sandals.

What makes them your favorite? They are: light-wash, non-stretch, mid-rise and I’ve worn them out just enough that the knee holes look not at all manufactured but completely created as a product of tender love and wear. Also, I love an elaborate blouse or prissy tweed jacket, so they create a pretty strong balance when I wear them over my Bunny MacDougal persona.

Any tips for first-time buyers? They are non-stretch, so I’d recommend going true to size or sizing up once. Also a big fan of doing squats in them — it’s how those knee holes got to look so ~authentic.~

2. TRAVE High-Rise Jeans

Styled with Doen cardigan, vintage shirt — similar here, Zara boots

Recommended by: Harling, Fashion Editor

How long have you had them? I just got this white pair, but I’ve had a blue version of the exact silhouette for about a year and a half.

How often do you wear them? Weekly

What makes them your favorite? I love how non-stretch jeans look but I hate how uncomfortable they tend to be. These somehow manage to be non-stretch but super comfortable at the same time. I don’t know what magic sauce Trave puts into their denim formula but I’ve never come across anything like it in all my denim-wearing days.

Any tips for first-time buyers? I initially sized up because my normal size felt more snug than I typically like my jeans to fit, but they ended up stretching out quite a bit. Moral of the story: get your usual size, and don’t freak out if they feel a bit tight at first. Do some lunges in your living room and they’ll be the denim equivalent of Goldilocks’ oatmeal in no time.

3. JORDACHE Vintage Style High Waist Straight Jeans

Styled with Nanushka sandals, vintage shirt — similar here

Recommended by: Elizabeth, Market and Affiliate Strategist

How long have you had them? I just got them this week. Putting them on was a shock to my system because, unlike most non-stretch jeans I’ve worn in the past, they didn’t dig into my hips or waist. I’ve been sitting in them all day — even ate a big lunch — and am still comfortable.

How often do you wear them? Since I just got them, this question is not relevant to me, however, you can be sure I’ll be wearing them all spring.

What makes them your favorite? They are soft and don’t feel stiff in the crotch when I sit. I love how high-waist they are and I’m really, really into faded black jeans at the moment. I’m also pretty short and these hit me in my desired ankle location. Click the link to see what the back looks like too! Very flattering.

Any tips for first-time buyers? I think they’re pretty accurate in size — I thought they’d be tighter but they are roomy in all the right ways. I plan to wash them every 3-4 wears since they’re non-stretch and likely won’t bag in areas after being worn. I also never, ever put my jeans in the dryer and won’t be doing that with these either.

4. & Other Stories Straight Mid Rise Jeans

Recommended by: Haley, Deputy Editor

How long have you had them? Three months

How often do you wear them? Weekly!

What makes them your favorite? This question was hard for me to answer! Because while I love a lot of jeans (I also own Leandra’s pick and Harling’s pick and they’re some of my favorites as well), none have every fully satisfied me, which may speak more to the improbability of “perfect jeans” than my inability to find them. But these & Other Stories ones win out this time, on delight-per-dollar alone. They are a solid vintage Levi dupe — mid-to-high waist, straight leg, non-stretch but not uncomfortably so — but without the exhaustive thrift store hunt that may or may not be fruitful. They go with everything. Two things I might change: a higher waist and a finished hem. (Told you I’m never satisfied!)

 Any tips for first-time buyers? They’re true to size!

5. AG Sophia Ankle Jeans

Styled with Zara boots, vintage pajama shirt, grandmother’s pin

Recommended by: Patty, Head of Partnerships

How long have you had them? We’re newly acquainted. I saw and loved them on my friend Hayley last month, and then immediately bought them.

How often do you wear them? Once weekly minimum.

What makes them your favorite? They are so soft, just high enough, just long enough, and I love a bright but relaxed wash.

Any tips for first-time buyers? I actually went one size smaller than ush.

6. AYR The Lil Dude Jeans

Recommended by: Amalie, Social Media Editor

How long have you had them? I’ve had them for about six months.

How often do you wear them? I have already worn these jeans more times than I can count. Probably at least twice a week? I knew it wasn’t just a novel love affair after the four-month mark. These are my go-to pair of jeans.

What makes them your favorite? I’ve never felt so much love for a pair of jeans as this pair. Everything about them is right. The stiffness of the denim, the way the waist sits (perfectly), the length which is not cropped on my legs (which are disproportionately long). The wash is perfect, they hug the hips and are a classic straight fit. They look great with all ankle boots, they will look great cuffed in spring and summer. They are heaven.

Any tips for first-time buyers? I would say they run true to size. I have hips and they fit well on me. I would hand wash them or wash them on a delicate cycle and let them dry. They’ll feel crunchy, but then they get back to their perfect texture.

7. Vintage Levi’s 550’s

Styled with vintage shirt — similar here, Jordan sneakers

Recommended by: Emma, Associate Editor

How long have you had them? Since December.

How often do you wear them? Probably every 10 days.

What makes them your favorite? They’re high-waisted but not too tight, straight-legged but not skinny, have give but don’t stretch. They’re also perfectly worn-in and in a light blue denim wash I love.

Any tips for first-time buyers? GET THEM IF YOU FIND THEM.

8. Warp & Weft ICN Plus Wide Leg Jeans in White

Recommended by: Emily, Visual Manager

How long have you had them? About a year

How often do you wear them? I don’t wear them too often because they’re white and I don’t want to get them super dirty — maybe bi-weekly at most.

What makes them your favorite? I like the fit and the wide-leg silhouette. They’re stretchy but don’t look dumpy or baggy after wearing them all day.

Any tips for first-time buyers? When I purchased, they only had one inseam option (which ended up being too long since I have short legs), so I DIY’ed and cut the edge myself for a raw effect. You can obviously have them tailored with a finished seam if that’s your preference.

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9. AGOLDE Roxanne High Rise Skinny

Recommended by: Dasha, Director of Product Development

How long have you had them? Two years

How often do you wear them? Every other week at least, but sometimes every week

What makes them your favorite? They are really high-waisted and stretchy and I have a long torso, so…

Any tips for first-time buyers? You can size down. Wash inside out in cold water, hang dry

10. Re/Done Distressed Boyfriend

Recommended by: Crystal, Manager of Production

How long have you had them? Two years!

How often do you wear them? Oh, probably 2-3 times a week, especially in the winter.

What makes them your favorite? They are so perfectly broken in! They look equally great with sneakers and heels/boots.

Any tips for first-time buyers? Because they are recut from actual vintage Levi’s, the same size in different pair of the same style will fit differently. I’d take at least 2-3 into the fitting room to see which ones you love the most.

10. & Other Stories Straight Stretch Jeans

Recommended by: Jasmin, Director of Partnerships

How long have you had them? About a year

How often do you wear them? Definitely weekly

What makes them your favorite? They’re really comfortable as they’ve got some stretch. They also have my favorite kind of high waist, one that goes up past my belly button but doesn’t restrict my ability to eat a good lunch.

Any tips for first-time buyers? They were pretty long on me so I had them hemmed (I’m 5′ 2.5″).

11. Reformation Liza High Straight Crop

Styled with Doen shirt, Mirth Vintage boots and belt

Recommended by: Starling, Office Coordinator

How long have you had them? Almost a year

How often do you wear them? I don’t wear jeans too often but when I do, these are usually the pair I stick to.

What makes them your favorite? They’re not white, they’re ~ivory~ which gives off a vintage creamy vibe. I love a high waist that doesn’t dig into my stomach, and the rise looks great with a belt.

Any tips for first-time buyers? Don’t eat pasta over them..?

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