Jacket Sandwiches: A Revolutionary Late-Winter Style Hack

Good morning and welcome to Jacket Sandwich Season, otherwise known as the time of year that follows Winter Coat season and precedes Light Jacket Season (shoutout to April 25th) wherein you can’t bear the thought of wearing your gigantic puffer one more day but it’s still too cold to wear your less intense outerwear options without layering up. So, you inevitably opt to sandwich two jackets together on your person simultaneously — and if you don’t, you should, because in addition to providing necessary insulation it also looks quite fantastic. But don’t take my word for it; scroll down to see Elizabeth demonstrate seven delicious jacket sandwich combinations, plus seven delicious actual sandwich recommendations to eat while you’re wearing them because why the honey ham not?

Jacket Sandwich #1: The Jean Jacket Sammie

Best served with: a Turkey Club sandwich from Sunny and Annie

Much like a good turkey club (turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a hero), two jean jackets layered on top of each other is a combination of ordinary ingredients that produces an extraordinary result. This pairing lends itself especially well to wardrobes that include jean jackets of slightly different sizes, i.e. one that’s a bit oversized and another that’s a bit more tailored.

Jacket Sandwich #2: The Olive Green Delight

Best served with: a Roasted Carrot, Kale & Avocado sandwich from Smile to Go

This jacket sandwich was inspired by the common parental adage, “Don’t forget to eat your greens!” A lightweight camo jacket can easily double as a heavyweight shirt buttoned all the way to the top, perfect for layering under a thicker outerwear number (fleece sleeves, in this case, are the ultimate aioli).

Jacket Sandwich #3: The Blue Plate Special

Best served with: a Blueys sandwich from Ruby’s

You might not think to layer sweet chili sauce over mayo and cheese on a grilled chicken breast, and you might not think to layer a fringed poncho over a light blue leather jacket, but in either case, if you do, you’ll be privy to the kind of revelation that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you’re taking another bite or another mirror selfie, both outcomes are proof that a willingness to experiment will rarely fail to surprise and thrill (when it comes to sandwiches, at least).

Jacket Sandwich #4: The Cheese Lover

Best served with: a Truffle Melt from Melt Shop

The saying “why mess with perfection” was clearly first uttered by someone who had never tried a truffle grilled cheese. Grilled cheeses are perfect on their own, sure, but combined with truffles they’re transcendent. Same goes for your favorite windbreaker: combined with a brightly colored blazer (the truffle of the outerwear world, no doubt), it’s ratcheted up a whole other level. In addition to looking excellent, this sandwich is a great go-to for early spring days and their propensity for impromptu rain showers.

Jacket Sandwich #5: The Sweet Treat

Best served with: an Elvis Fluffernutter from Sunday in Brooklyn

Sometimes a sandwich is delicious because you throw together all the ingredients you have in your refrigerator and it just works; other times, the deliciousness is a product of very deliberate finessing: a leather trench pulled apart just enough to show off the blazer underneath, with sleeves rolled up for some double cuff-on-cuff action. Or perhaps an amalgam of whole wheat bread baked in house, pan-fried for crunch, then slathered in sunflower butter, marshmallow crème and flame-kissed bananas. Either option is a testament to the art of carefully rendered consideration.

Jacket Sandwich #6: The Wild Card

Best served with: a Mother-in-Law sandwich from Court Street Grocer’s

There’s no question that the culinary equivalent of a cow-print jacket layered over a leopard rain slicker is a combination of house braised beef short rib, Mother-in-Law kimchi, roast broccoli and mayo piled high on top of garlic bread. Both sandwiches are a symphony of flavor, a kooky mixture of seemingly divergent items coming together to make something truly unique, a conversation piece bound to incite the timeless sidewalk inquiry: “Wow, that looks so good. Where did you get it?”

Jacket Sandwich #7: The Classic

Raey wool jacket via MATCHESFASHION.com over Uniqlo trench styled with vintage leather trousers — similar here

Best served with: a Sinatra sandwich from Alidoro

Sometimes it’s the simplest sandwich ingredients that taste (or look) the most decadent: smoked mozzarella. Sun-dried tomatoes. Artichokes. Wool shirt-style jackets. Camel trench coats. Once commingled, they offer up the distinctive pleasure that only something deceptively easy can — a private wink between you and the thing you’re enjoying.

What’s your favorite jacket sandwich? (Or regular sandwich?) Let me know in the comments.

Photos by Edith Young. 

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