The Fashion Week Outfit I Can’t Stop Thinking About

I don’t know what’s going on with me this week. Every time I confront my closet to get dressed for what I used to call “the Olympics of man repelling” (fashion week, in case you didn’t know!), I revert, regress, progress — I don’t even know what to call it — to the same rotation of clothing that has been on wardrobe autoplay since October.

Leggings with zipper bottoms. Medium-wash high-rise skinny jeans. Sweaters that I am truly beginning to know as the hugs of my wardrobe. It is very boring to the extent that getting dressed is no thrill at all, but it is dependable and reliable and quick and easy and I never regret how I look when I leave the house because I kind of don’t look like anything.

I could say these new dressing cues are a product of motherhood changing my style, both to my chagrin and not. I could try to own more of the change and go so far as to say that turning 30 changed me and as a result, my style is on the chopping block: trim the fat, baby! Out with the unnecessarily arduous, in with the straightforward.

Both of these things may well be true, but I would not have expected that the most satisfying look to come out of New York Fashion Week, subjectively speaking, would follow the same, plain, no thrill or frill dressing rules I have assumed for myself. There were gold brocade collars at Brock! The most delectable triad of rainbow ensembles at Sies Marjan! Michael Kors recreated Studio 54 with Barry Manilow for heaven’s sake, but what did I up and bookmark?

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@mansurgavriel was one of the original Instagram brands — a viral sensation that garnered hundreds of headlines and hundreds of thousands of people eager to purchase one of their signature drawstring bucket bags, which sold out minutes after each seasonal drop. (I saved up for months and months to buy one in 2015. When the day of the drop finally arrived and I found out I had a meeting right in the middle of it, I enlisted a coworker to vigorously refresh the website on my behalf). As a fan from the beginning, it’s been so much fun to watch the brand expand, first to shoes, then to ready-to-wear, all the while maintaining its sharp point of view (which I like to describe as “minimalism for maximalists”), no easy feat in an era where trends dictate the fate of many collections. Here’s a photo of two outfits I loved from the presentation this afternoon featuring the best ballet flats since sliced bread.

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This look, from Mansur Gavriel, of white jeans, a button-down and a double-breasted trench coat, so perfectly cut to hit the mid-way mark between your ankle and your knee, made only more bookmarkable thanks to the silver ballet flats, with a high enough vamp to cover your toe cleavage and make you feel like you’re wearing gloves, but on your feet. It is fresh. It is not a Fall/Winter look (Mansur Gavriel shows as a See Now Buy Now collection, so everything that was presented this week is available for order or pre-order now), which means that it will not solve whatever dressing doldrums arise next year at this time, but will usher you into spring with a metallic bounce in your step. Maybe this simple fact — a reminder of winter’s end — is what makes it so enviable.

Maybe it’s the satisfaction and sense of relief that comes with packaging an outfit made up of staples most of us already have (some version of a white shirt, light jeans, and a trench coat), or can at least make a case to have, but haven’t worn together recently.

Or maybe this is proof that the most pervasive trend to emerge from New York Fashion Week is sort of the anti-trend. Good quality basics packaged in such a way that they don’t feel so basic that you don’t have a point of view. On the contrary, you are the most opinionated woman in the room for the precise reason that decision fatigue did not bog you down when you got dressed this morning. Zing!

I can’t know for sure, but right now, nothing feels so crisp. How about you — any favorite looks from New York Fashion Week? How about a dramatic opinion on why it was a favorite? Share it all, or share none. No pressure.

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