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Watch Out, Winter Neutrals. ROYGBIV Is Coming for You

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I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too: December was fake winter. It wasn’t even that cold. People still felt like being social. Baking was something you did for pleasure instead of to stave off hibernation-induced boredom. Most importantly, though, festive dressing was not only commonplace but encouraged. I say “most importantly” because the thing I’ve discovered while standing in front of my closet and surveying the sea of grays and blacks and navys that called out to me with their seeming appropriateness the moment the new year reared its chilly heads, is that getting dressing during real winter is a huge part of the reason real winter feels so oppressive.

My second epiphany came when I was flipping through Schutz’s Spring 2019 lookbook (which isn’t uncommon to receive around now given that spring collections usually drop in January or February). As I gazed at the shoes, which were rendered in various shades of eye-popping neon, I experienced a ravenous urge to wear bright colors NOW. Not in six or even four months. Right now. In the thick of real winter. And then I thought, Well, what’s stopping you? Who decided that cold weather practicality and dressing like a rainbow are mutually exclusive pursuits?

If you’re with me, scroll down for three perfectly cozy but satisfyingly saturated outfits inspired (and accompanied) by shoes from Schutz’s neon collection, instant gratification guaranteed.

Outfit #1: For When You Want to Look Like a Luminous Country Club Renegade Who Never Leaves Home Without a Cardigan and a Proper Duvet Coat

Schutz Leia sandal styled with Frankie Shop coat, Alice + Olivia pants, Bershka turtleneck and Darner socks

Give me a neon pink sandal and I will give you a way to wear it when it’s 30 degrees outside. This is my pledge to you, a pledge that comes replete with supporting evidence (see above). All you need is the right sock (velvet and sparkles optional — but come on), your brightest pair of pants, a turtle for your neck and a cardigan that doesn’t remind you of your grandmother (unless your grandmother is especially cool). The result is an outfit that will not only warm you physically but will also warm you emotionally, like a SAD lamp that looks great on Instagram.

Outfit #2: For When #PrairieCore Is Considering a Buyout of #NeonCore and You’re Leading the Merger

Schutz Cendi pump styled with Rejina Pyo dress via Shopbop, Topshop turtleneck, Roxanne Assoulin earrings

Similar to how winter looks in no way need to look dull, prairie-inspired ensembles in no way need to look drab. In fact, they can 100 percent involve the least drab accoutrement of all time: a translucent slipper with neon yellow accents. Pair that with a dress that looks ready to churn butter in theory but acts ready to party on a beach in practice and you’ve got yourself a very promising base. Now all you need are the right accessories — white tights (for cozy toes) and colorful earrings (for a cozy soul).

Outfit #3: For When Lavender Is the New Charcoal and Orange Is the New Brown Because No One’s Stopping You

Schutz Leia sandal styled with Frankie Shop trench, Rejina Pyo jeans via Shopbop, Darner socks

Watch out, winter neutrals. ROYGBIV is coming for you. I don’t know why it took me so long to accept the fact that I don’t want to wear practical boots and classic black trousers all winter long. I want to break up the mundanity with splices of orange and slivers of purple. I’ll still wear long sleeves and warm coats and shield my feet against the elements, but there’s no reason I can’t do that and still dunk myself in color, right? Rhetorical question.

Photographed by Edith Young at Primo’s; Styled by Harling Ross; Makeup by Maggie Mondanile; Modeled by Xiana of Nova Management. 

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