My Latest Fashion Obsession Only Set Me Back $19.99

I’m wearing a pair of leggings from Wardrobe. Leggings from Wardrobe with a white T-shirt from Uniqlo. Leggings from with Wardrobe with a white T-shirt from Uniqlo and a black turtleneck from J.Crew. Leggings from Wardrobe and a white T-shirt from Uniqlo and a black turtleneck from J. Crew and a collarless tweed jacket that I borrowed from Chanel. It’s not more than 35 degrees outside but I do not plan to add much more to this ensemble save for a pair of compression socks, shoes and perhaps a beanie. Marc Jacobs really ruffled my feather (singular), pushed me to apply my, uh, thinking cap, so here I am.

But it is the compression socks that are of particular importance. Not only because they’re the last standing wardrobe relic from my pregnancy or because a weightlifting woman sold them to me, but because recently it occurred to me that these mother fuckers are warm. I’m talking toast between my toes warm. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Hot lava. I could wear sandals with these and my toes wouldn’t know it. As a matter of fact, I will wear sandals with these.

When my ankles were swollen last year, I ordered 3-pack from Amazon for $19.99 to help get my blood flowing and maybe it is common knowledge that when the blood is flowing, it is also boiling and therefore you are warm, but I did not know this! What’s more, the socks are high-rise, not like, skyscraper high, but they could moonlight as knee socks, which look great with A-line mini skirts. Your thighs will hate you but your feet will not. I just bought a new pack last week — there are so many options outside of black. The colors, Duke. The colors!

This is far and away the best and least expensive fashion acquisition I have made in the new year and would have been remiss not to share it with you. So here you go! Now in the spirit of sharing as a way to exemplify your caring, do you have a recent great-but-inexpensive fashion acquisition to report on? The quarters in my pocket are burning a hole through it.

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