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Stop Buying, Start Trying: 7 Trends to Invest In Now (If You Want to Be Ahead Of the Curve)

When fashion month rolls in like a whirling dervish twice a year, it inevitably leaves behind an altered trend landscape. There’s a lot more clarity around which trends are going to extend into another season versus which ones have probably reached their peak, and concerning the latter, there’s a whole new crop of contenders vying to take their place. I always take try to take stock of how things are evolving so that any purchases I make in the near future are informed ones — and by that I mean reflective of what I will actually want to wear in sixth months based on where fashion is headed. If you’re interested in doing the same, scroll down for a rundown of burgeoning trend alternatives.

Instead of a duvet coat, how about a cropped puffer?

Left to right: Maryam Nassir Zadeh Fall/Winter  ’19, Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter ’19, John Elliott Fall/Winter ’19

The coat of winter 2019 is undoubtedly the duvet coat, which is probably why you’ve seen so many sleeping bags with legs and arms roaming the streets — or your Instagram feed, for that matter. Next winter, though, based on evidence from New York and London’s recent fashion weeks, it seems duvet coats’ more risqué sister — the cropped puffer — is back from boarding school and ready to cause trouble (not sure why I mentally associate cropped puffers with Serena van der Woodsen’s plot line in Gossip Girl, but let’s go with it).

Instead of a ballet flat, how about a Mary Jane?

Left to right: Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter ’19, Emilia Wickstead Fall/Winter ’19, Vaquera Fall/Winter ’19

Last month Leandra wrote about how she couldn’t turn a digital corner without seeing a pair of Mary Janes for sale, and I’m here to report that this influx is forecasted to continue. It’s difficult to articulate why the presence of a single strap — the only thing that distinguishes a Mary Jane from a ballet flat, really — can so monumentally alter the vibe of a shoe, but it does, doesn’t it? It effectively Benjamin Buttons the footwear in question, taking it from older sophisticate to cutesy toddler. Both have a certain appeal, but for the impending autumn/winter season, that strap is looking like the THING.

Instead of #prairiecore, how about #renaissancecore?

Left to right: Simone Rocha Fall/Winter ’19, Vaquera Fall/Winter ’19, Brock Collection Fall/Winter ’19

We’ve been swimming through a sea of #prairiecore-inspired trends for awhile now — prairie dresses, big doily collars, etc, and if they haven’t reached their peak yet, they’re bound to soon. Good thing an equally campy aesthetic movement is en route to replace it in the near future: #renaissancecore. Whether you want to moonlight as a satin-cloaked princess or her corseted lady-in-waiting, there’s something for everyone in this weird and wonderful fashion experience that only 2019 could successfully deliver.

Instead of a tweed jacket, how about a poncho?

Left to right: Area Fall/Winter ’19, Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter ’19, Ashish Fall/Winter ’19

Ahoy! Ponchos are on the horizon! I’ve already written a full rundown on this topic alone because I am personally quite excited about the possibilities — stylistic and otherwise — that it promises to entail. Think of how nice it will be to wear what is essentially a giant cozy blanket around all day. Much more of a thrill than the (relatively) constricting nature of other typical lightweight outerwear fare, don’t you think?

Instead of a fair-isle sweater, how about an argyle one?

Left to right: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fall/Winter ’19, Molly Goddard Fall/Winter ’19, Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter ’19

Fair-isle sweaters were all the rage this winter, and even though I still have a few lingering in my shopping cart, I’m considering clearing them out to make room for what is clearly the new wave of zesty knitwear: argyle sweaters. I’m not surprised by this designated successor, not one bit. Like fair-isle sweaters, argyle sweaters have a reputation that precedes them, conjuring images of extreme prep. This identity is fertile ground for contrast, ideal for pairing with sequin skirts, animal print, kitten-heeled mules and other stuff that begs for competition.

Instead of a mini bag, how about an XXL version?

Left to right: Max Mara Fall/Winter ’19, Claudia Lee Fall/Winter ’19, Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter ’19

I own enough mini bags for my mini bags to start carrying mini bags, but after surveying the vessels of keys-and-wallet transportation in recent collections, I want to feed all of them that Alice and Wonderland potion that makes things grow bigger. Big bags are ruling the runways this season, and I really mean BIG. Big enough to fit much more than keys and a wallet, in fact, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. Potted plants, frozen yogurt machines, multiple pairs of sneakers — whatever pops into your head, you can probably pop into one of these bags. Get excited to schlep.

Instead of khaki, how about black?

Left to right: J.W.Anderson Fall/Winter ’19, Alexander Wang Fall/Winter ’19, Jil Sander Fall/Winter ’19

Wearing head-to-toe khaki has definitely been the neutral monochrome look du jour this winter (#stickofbutter, anyone?), but fashion’s crystal ball has declared head-to-toe black its impending replacement. As I recently wrote in my story about this precise topic, the internet is finally coming back around to black, and given that we’re living in an era in which the internet often dictates runway trends instead of the other way around, it’s not surprising that this evolution has evolved right on up to the runways.

Photos via Vogue Runway.

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