Everlane Just Made the Perfect Rain Boots

There are a handful of very specific “perfect” things I feel like I’m perpetually hunting for: the perfect pair of jeans (dark-wash denim, high waist, straight legs but not too skinny, no stretch but not uncomfortable, no distressing), the perfect white T-shirt (opaque, crew neck, form-fitting without being too tight), the perfect store-bought peanut butter (slightly gritty, a bit salty, not too sweet), the perfect face wash (gentle but effective) and the perfect pair of rain boots (distinctive but not in a gimmicky way, neutral enough to “go” with everything, not too wide around the ankle).

The last one has been the trickiest by far, which is why (pardon me, but) I am personally and ethically obligated to shout the following announcements from the rooftops of the internet: HI HELLO GOOD MORNING I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The perfect rain boots, that is.

I was starting to doubt there was even such a thing. Then, a few weeks ago, I heard through the fashion PR grapevine that Everlane was introducing its first rain boot in early February, and when I saw a sneak peek photo of what they looked like I had a miniature internal freakout wherein my mind tunnel-visioned around two triumphant words: THEY EXIST.

It only took one glance to know they were The Ones: distinctive but not in a gimmicky way thanks to their cap toe and cool chunky soles, neutral enough to go with everything thanks to their pleasing array of earth-toned color options, and not too wide around the ankle thanks to their sculpted silhouette and adjustable elastic. No polka dots or bows or over-the-top glossiness, just chic, matte subtlety — the rare utilitarian shoe you don’t want to change out of the minute you get indoors, not to mention the rare aesthetically pleasing shoe that costs less than $100 (these are $75).

I got them in green but now I’m semi-panicking because I also want them in white. They look even better in person than they looked in the initial photo, and the sole is weirdly (delightfully) cushiony? I should probably stop writing now — you get it! — but February is Crush Month on Man Repeller, so I’m just doing my due diligence.

Photo by Edith Young. 

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