Some New Rosie Assoulin to Accompany Your Saturday Afternoon

This past Tuesday, Rosie Assoulin paired natural wines (selected by the sommelier at Eleven Madison Park) with her new collection of Pre-Fall and Fall 2019 ready-to-wear. Fitting, considering Rosie Assoulin is the glouglou of New York Fashion Week—by which I mean the French term recently associated with natural wines, translating back to English somewhat imperfectly as the “gulp, gulp” or “glug, glug” a juicy, chuggable wine demands.

Rosie’s dresses are the tart and fizz of a week-long marathon, with colors of tangerine peels and grapefruit segments that wave from across the room and say, “Hey you, here’s something to look forward to!” When I occasionally toy with the idea of a levity diet (e.g., avoiding dark movies and dreary books, opting instead for a festival of Netflix comedy specials and a novel that weighs on my chest like a hunk of meringue), Rosie Assoulin’s sunny garments and banana yellow shoes fit right into the picture. Maybe that’s because this isn’t the first time I’m seeing this picture: a few years ago, I remember seeing a snapshot of Audrey Gelman at her own rehearsal dinner in a dress by Rosie and thinking, There’s a woman who knows how to celebrate.

All that being said, good Saturday morning to you! Care to guzzle your coffee like it’s glouglou and take a spin through the slideshow below?

Photos by Edith Young. 

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