Gird Your Loins: The Teddy Coat Is Being Usurped by Another Trend

Contrary to the widely-propagated information that bears hibernate during the cooler months, I spotted dozens of them on my Instagram feed last year around this time. It was winter 2018, and it was the season of the teddy coat. They were everywhere! Big, fuzzy, delicious envelopments in various shades of caramel, so cozy they’d make your favorite stuffed animal jealous.

Even after fashion’s trend-o-meter moved on, as it is wont to do when a particular thing becomes particularly saturated, our penchant for coziness stayed put. And why shouldn’t it? Bundling up in the outerwear equivalent of a well-insulated hug is the best armor there is against winter’s unique power to crush the human spirit, which is how winter 2019’s successor to last year’s teddy extravaganza was born: the duvet coat, not inspired but also not not inspired by Tilda Swinton’s erstwhile street style in Harper’s Bazaar…

Duvet coats are exactly what they sound like — coats that resemble gigantic, puffy blankets. Wearing one is as close as you can get to staying in bed all day long even when your presence is required elsewhere, which is why their trajectory to bonafide trendiness isn’t especially surprising. It is, however, delightful, because it means there are a preponderance of coats on the market at the moment that will make you feel like you’re inside a cloud, or a marshmallow, or a really nice dream. Keep scrolling for a round-up of some of my favorites.

The Ultra-Light Cocoon

I have a version of this coat that I bought last year with the intention of owning something simple and utterly utilitarian for super cold New York winter days. Little did I know that the purchase I initially deemed boring but practical would eventually acquire the sheen of trendiness. I can’t tell you how many DMs I’ve received on Instagram asking about it because I’ve lost count. Who would have thought!

The Rookie of the Year

My feelings about Offhours, a new brand that recently tumbled onto the scene with soft and chic aplomb, can best be described as “crush-like.” Every time I see someone wearing one of their coats, either in a photo or in person, I immediately start dreamily fantasizing about how I would style it on myself. I’m infatuated through and through, and for good reason, because any company that bills their first product as “the closest you can get to actually wearing your comforter without cutting a couple of arm holes in it” is worth falling in love with.

The Quilted Embrace

You know when you were little and you would drag the quilt off your grandmother’s bed and wear it around her house like a snuggly cape while remaining in your PJs and occasionally pausing to eat a snack or watch a cartoon? Just me? Regardless, this is the coat that will effectively capture that experience for you in your adult life.

The One With Matching Mittens

I didn’t know I wanted a pair of puffy duvet mittens to match a puffy duvet coat until I saw this duo harmonizing sweetly together. I also enjoy how it has a high collar that peeps out separately from the hood, like a true turtle’s neck.

The Statement Duvet

I currently have a white duvet cover on my bed, but sometimes, when I’m feeling zesty, I think about what it would be like to have a patterned one. If you’re having the same thoughts regarding your winter coat, may I suggest this patterned puffer? It’s a walk on the wild side with a detachable padded hood — my favorite kind.

The Sleeping Bag

I’m not much for camping, but I am much for sleeping bags. What could be more delightful than making like an arctic chrysalis and carving out a home inside something thick, warm and almost doughy? ALSO, very important: the sleeves are removable via snap button, which means your sleeping bag coat can become a sleeping bag vest in two shakes of a you-know-what.

The Instagram Bait

If you haven’t googled the Chinese brand Chen Peng and basked in its array of maximalist puffer coats, I suggest you do so immediately because it’s such a thrill (I’ll even give you the link!), but then come back and keep hanging out here so I can tell you about this one that’s on sale. It’s still pricey (as are all of Chen Peng’s designs) even with the discount, but worth a glance even if it’s just to ogle. I mean, have you ever seen the most utilitarian winter pursuit (warmth) rendered in such delightful frivolity?!

The Ankle-Grazer

I really appreciate this puffer’s commitment to essentially being a black-tie gown. It’s so long! Which is great because your shins and ankles hate windburn, too. All it needs is a tiara and you’re good to go.

The Pillow Fort

Like a pillow fort, this puffer is an all-time classic — in the duvet coat category, that is. But its best attribute is hidden like buried treasure in the fine print of IT HAS FLEECE-LINED POCKETS. Need I say more?

Let me know your feelings on the duvet coat trend — and whether you happen to be wearing one right now as you read this — in the comment section. Merci buckets and good day.

Photos via Offhours by Daniel Dorsa and Kathy Lo.

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