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You’re Welcome: Great Manolo Blahniks Under $100 at Every Size

The best shopping secret I hold is that when I buy Manolo Blahnik shoes from The Real Real, they never cost more than $100. This is not a function of a sweet editor discount, or some secret menu that only the initiated are privy to (though if such a thing exists, please, someone tell me!). On the contrary, I am like any other consumer of healthy second hand shoes so I’ll reiterate that when I buy Manolo Blahniks from The Real Real, they never cost more than $100.

What’s unclear is whether this is so because I prefer an older model to a new one, because I am okay wearing shoes that have been gently (or intrusively!) worn or simply as a function of few others knowing that such a deal is out there. But now it’s all out in the open, and I’d rather help than hoard, so here are five pairs for every shoe size from 5 to 11. If you wear a size 6, please do me the good grace of pretending this story never happened.

If you wear a 5

If you wear a 6

Race you to the cash register

If you wear a 7

If you wear an 8

If you wear a 9

If you wear a 10

If you wear between an 11 and a 12

Themes you might notice: most of these shoes are not especially winter friendly, but then again, I feel strongly that with the right pair of socks or tights, there’s no such thing as a seasonal shoe. (And I’m pretty sure the majority of the boots available on TRR are priced upward of $100.) I also snuck in a fair amount of thong-style flats and kitten heels. Believe me when I say that even if you hate them right now, that will not be the case when all you want to do is dress like Jenna Elfman’s character in Keeping the Faith once spring rolls around. Get your sequins ready!

Feature photos by Man Repeller for Ralph Lauren.

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