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Help Me Compile the Ultimate List of Winter Beauty Tips

I am pro-winter. I much prefer bundling up to sweating incessantly, I love how quiet it gets when heavy snow covers city streets and, of course, it is the perfect season for hot chocolate. I think my fondness for winter is a symptom of growing up in Chicago, where you have to really lean into the whole snow thing lest you be entirely miserable for three quarters of the year. You learn to make a good time out of a sub-zero situation. But there’s no denying that winter has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to your skin. I recently had to explain to my friend in California that I had a winter lotion and a summer lotion because this dry skin is no joke. I hope she enjoys clutching her silky soft elbows as the earth cracks open to swallow her whole. (Ed note: I do not approve of this California slander.)

For most of us, there’s no way around it: As temperatures drop and dry apartment heat rises, the products that work during milder weather suddenly become useless. To combat that, howsabout we gather ’round a loudly clanking radiator and share our winter beauty routines!?! Here is my brief but pretty efficient if-I-do-say-so-myself winter routine:

Step 1. Drink as much water as I did when I was sweating 24/7 in the summer, maybe more. Heat it up a bit if I must because sometimes drinking cold things when I’m already chilled is the worrrssstttt.

Step 2. Switch to this Nivea Coco Butter Cream from a lighter body lotion and slather it on every day out of the shower. Layer on Bolden Shea Oil (I used the butter mint scent before it got expensive!), which smells amazing and gives me a Mariah Carey circa Honey-era glow.

Step 3. Coconut Oil everywhere, all of the time.

Step 4. Do more protective styling with my hair and use Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream for extra hold and moisture.

Step 5. On my face, start using Luminance Skincare’s Deep Hydration Moisturizer, which I am currently out of and feeling like a raisin.

Step 6. This one knows no season, but feels particularly important in the winter: Sleep on a satin pillowcase!

There are also lots of lavender baths and putting Vicks vapor rub on my feet under big socks for no reason at all, but I think that’s idiosyncrasy more than routine. I’ve also been lying to myself and saying that my oil diffuser is a humidifier so we’re all together in this struggle. Share your secrets! What are you putting on your hair/body/face to keep it cute this winter?

Feature photo by Genevieve L. Garruppo of Kellie Brown‘s apartment.

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