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Do “Perfect Jeans” Exist? 3 Women Attempt to Find Theirs

In collaboration with Warp + Weft

The universal quest to find the perfect pair of jeans is our modern-day version of a fairytale, replete with equal parts intrigue, passion, challenges and perseverance. Women whisper about it in dressing rooms; discuss it enthusiastically over dinner; cross oceans of internet pages in search of the elusive “One”; politely clutch the elbows of strangers on the sidewalk and ask them where the found the pair they’re wearing; ask themselves over and over again: Why does it have to be so hard?

Warp + Weft, a new company born less than two years ago from a long legacy of top-quality denim producers, is (literally) in the business of making it easier by shaking up outdated industry standards. The brand fit-tests each of their styles on at least 20 models of all ages and sizes, which is how they’ve developed a specially curved waistband that doesn’t dig in and offer a variety of cuts so putting on your jeans and taking them off doesn’t feel like an athletic feat.

This attention to detail, plus inclusive sizing from 00-24, makes Warp + Weft a one-stop shop for perfect jeans. To prove it, Man Repeller put out a casting call asking for community members who typically struggle to find jeans that fit. After narrowing it down to three women whose denim shopping histories have been challenging for a variety of reasons, we sent each of them into a dressing room with a stack of Warp + Weft jeans, and…well, I won’t spoil what happened, but I will say this: all three women came out smiling. Keep scrolling to read how it went.

Megan Moore

Megan manages finance for Mikkeller Brewing NYC. On the side, she also competes in triathlons, cooks with her instant pot and coaxes her tiny dog to go on hikes.

Warp + Weft JFK Conifer jeans styled with ASOS blazer, Universal Standard striped T-shirt and Long Tall Sally shoes

Tell me a little bit about your history with jeans shopping.

The whole thing has always been a challenge, especially because in the past there weren’t many brick-and-mortar stores that carried jeans in my size. On top of that, I think there is a general lack of good quality denim in the market right now (it’s mostly saturated with super stretchy thin “denim”) and even when I invest in what I would consider a quality pair, the threat of dreaded thigh rip is still there.

Do you have any particularly memorable anecdotes related to jeans shopping that you can share?

I remember trying to force my cherubic pre-teen body into lots of “cool” jeans. There was one specific pair of size 13 (why is junior’s sizing a thing?) Mudd brand low-waist bell-bottoms with a huge racing stripe that I insisted “fit” me. They did not fit, but somehow made it past my mom’s usually stringent finger-in-the-waistband test. I wore them uncomfortably for months until the ring around my belly button was too red to ignore. I still feel sad for my little 6th grade muffin top.

Why did you gravitate toward this pair from Warp + Weft?

I really liked this dark denim pair because they were incredibly soft and comfortable without looking like leggings! The little bit of stretch and medium rise really helped alleviate the gaping waistband I always seem to encounter with my waist-to-booty ratio. I also liked the subtle fringe on the ankles — it was a nice detail without making me feel like I was wearing teen jeans.

Theresa Clayton

Theresa is a native New Yorker who plans events during the day to fund her fashion and home decor fixes.

Warp + Weft ICN Moonglow jeans styled with ASOS ribbed green turtleneck, Zara cardigan sweater, Alison Lou hoop earrings and G.H. Bass Weejuns loafers

Tell me a little bit about your history with jeans shopping.

Shopping for jeans has always been a thing of difficulty for me in the past. Being rounder or “curvy” makes it difficult to shop, especially if you’re not quite comfortable with your size. Looking for jeans is particularly challenging when curvy because if they fit one place, they often don’t in another. For me, if they’re just right on the thighs, then they’re usually way too big in the waist. Story of my life.

Do you have any particularly memorable anecdotes related to jeans shopping that you can share?

I almost always go into the dressing room with at least three pairs of jeans at a time because I have no idea how they’ll fit. Shopping for jeans has never, ever been easy.

Why did you gravitate toward this pair from Warp + Weft?

I’ve always loved the look of culottes but was afraid I couldn’t pull them off. When I saw this pair from Warp + Weft, I thought, What the heck? and tried them anyway. I’m so glad I did because I LOVE them! They are so incredibly soft and sit on my waist perfectly. There’s no uncomfortable tugging or sagging at the waist at all.

Georgina Arroyo

Georgina is a visual artist, museum educator and New York City native. 

Warp + Weft ICN Ecru jeans styled with Ganni jacket, Zara contrast piping sweater, Tibi boots and Rebecca de Ravenel earrings

Tell me a little bit about your history with jeans shopping.

I used to be obsessed with jeans when I was younger. I found it easier to buy pairs when I wore lots of skinny jeans. In the past few years, though, my body has changed a lot, and so has my taste. I’m not a big fan of super skinny jeans anymore, but other styles never seem to fit right. They’re either not high-waist enough, or they’re too low, or too loose in the waist! I’m always looking for the perfect balance of fitted up top but roomy enough for me to move and breathe.

Do you have any particularly memorable anecdotes related to jeans shopping that you can share?

I have a distinct memory from the last time I went shopping for jeans. I brought about 10 pairs into the fitting room. With each pair that I tried on I was like, “Huh? Why do they fit like this!” They were either too thin, like leggings, or super tight and ill-fitting. There was only one pair that fit okay, and I bought it in three washes. Unsurprisingly, I don’t find myself wearing them much. That’s what happens when you buy three pairs of “meh” jeans in a fit of frustration!

Why did you gravitate toward this pair from Warp + Weft?

I immediately loved the shape. They are the perfect length, and I love the wide leg. I feel like I could easily dress them up or down. They’re definitely the exact silhouette I’ve been searching for — nice and tight up top (without suffocating me) and loose and airy on the bottom. They’re perfect for walking around in boots or wearing with sandals come summer! They’re stretchy without feeling thin, which makes them super comfy. I’m so impressed with how soft they are.

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Photos by Edith Young. 

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