Oh wow, look at this: We’ve been putting the fun in fashion all year long! (I’m honestly shocked this didn’t get edited out). On a serious note, this year a lot of our top performing fashion content was about so much more than just clothing. Leandra, Haley, Harling, Amelia and Emma all peeled apart the layers of what fashion can mean and do for people. This year we talked about body image, the pressures of Instagram, the true meaning of Fashion week and of course, how to find the best jeans. Take a tour of our ten most popular fashion stories this year and weigh in with your favorites!

10. Why I Finally Got on Board With Royal Family Fandom

Elizabeth Holmes convinced Harling to get on board with the Royal Family and in turn Harling tried to make believers out of the rest of us.

9. 5 Spring Trends That Are Going to Blow Up, According to Zara

Harling went above and beyond just a simple roundup of cute things from Zara, she plucked the styling trends and popular items. “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Zara is a veritable crystal ball when it comes to trends. However, I’ve recently come to realize that Zara’s fortune-telling prowess isn’t necessarily about the what, it’s about the how — how to wear the trends, that is. While the trends themselves are often molded by high-end designers six months prior, Zara’s real genius resides in the styling of them.”

8. My Boyfriend Tried to Dress Me for a Week and It Almost Broke Us

Much like Leandra and Abie, Haley and Avi found a week of partner-directed dressing to be a bit of a challenge.

7. What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Dressed in the Winter

“I always forget until it’s freezing again that there is really no way around it. Dressing ‘well’ in the winter (if, you know, you don’t work from home in satin kitten heels or a silk towel and you’re the kind of person who commutes to work by foot or public transport) is impossible. If this does not ring true for you, you must not live in a city like New York, which is a town remarkably distinct about its disdain for practical dressing. It has the ability to make you feel guilty for wearing snow boots!”

6. I Went on a Quest to Find the Perfect Pants and Found 9

Please join Haley Nahman on her epic quest to find the pitch-perfect pair of pants. In a moment of great luck and joy, she found nine fantastic pairs of pants. Read on to share in her trouser treasure trove.

5. I Tested the 5 Most Popular Jeans on the Internet

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be, well, hard as hell. Harling tried out five of the most beloved-by-the-internet jeans and ranked each of them in a highly scientific manner.

4. Why Dressing Sloppily at the Gym Helps My Self-Esteem

“I haven’t always dressed this way at the gym. I used to drink the textured compression Kool-Aid with vigor, but whenever I did, I felt constricted — physically, yes, but even more so mentally. I was conscious of my body in a way that became burdensome, as if the clothes were containing me instead of simply covering me. I noticed every fold of skin, every wobbly spot that refused to cooperate, all the innocuous evidence of a human in motion rendered suddenly intolerable.”

3. 9 Women Style Their Version of “Jeans and a T-Shirt”

Amelia asked nine very stylish women how they personalize a classic: jeans and T-shirt. The results are a wide swath of classic outfit inspiration.

2. The Comments on My Selfies Are Different Now That I’m a Mom

“Aren’t I in pain after giving birth? Hasn’t motherhood changed me? Why do I fit into my old clothes so soon? But the answers to these questions are irrelevant because they are symptomatic of a larger, overarching query: Why am I so compelled to post selfies in the first place?”

1. I Let My Husband Dress Me for a Week and It Was Basically Couples Therapy

Leandra let Abie pick out her outfits for five whole enlightening days. “We have tried this once before (me letting him dress me) but that was only for a day. This time he has complete control over my exterior presentation for five days (a work week). Five! Do you know how much progress, or conversely damage, can be done in that time? ”

Feature image by Simon Chetrit; @simonzchetrit.

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