The Best Makeover Ever (and 9 Other Popular Beauty Stories of 2018)

What a year! We’re taking it easy around these parts this week — and I sincerely hope you are too — but we’re also reflecting on this past year. The good, the weird, the surprising, the challenging. And in the spirit of reflection, I’ve put together a few trips down MR memory lane to sprinkle throughout the week. First up, a look back at our top-performing beauty content from 2018.

10. I Found Out Bronzer Is Dead, Panicked, and Tried 3 New Beauty Trends

“Thanks for nothing to everyone who failed to mention that I should stop using bronzer. Although I get it: I’m the kind of person who will tell you you’ve got something in your teeth, yet I have a hard time bringing up visible boogers. ” What else needs to be said?

9. The Best Natural Beauty Products, According to the Internet

We were big on natural beauty this year, and this is the post that started it all! A great guide for natural beauty recs (duh) written in the classically charming style of Harling Ross.

8. Why I Did a Massive Beauty Purge (and What Products Survived It)

‘Tis the season for clearing out and starting afresh! If you’re thinking of cleaning out your beauty cabinet, allow Leandra’s post to inspire you. It’s also a great place to start if you’re rebuilidng a beauty collection and want a guide to the essentials!

7. 6 Women on the 1 Product They Wear When Going Makeup-Free

Whether you’re an (almost) bare-faced devotee, thinking of cutting back in 2019 or are a full-face enthusiast who is simply curious, check out these six recommendations from MR team members.

6. I Tested 5 Natural Beauty Foundations and Now I’m Hooked

“If I were going to replace my foundation with a natural — or ‘clean’ — one, though, I wanted to be really thoughtful about it. Part of that would involve researching what natural/clean means when it comes to cosmetics; another part meant testing a bunch of options in order to find one I really loved.” Another explainer/guinea-pig combo, this is a great reference if you are thinking of dipping your toe into natural foundation waters.

5. I Haven’t Enjoyed My Natural Hair “Journey.” Is That Wrong?

This sparkler from Modupe Oloruntoba is beautifully open and honest. “Would it be so bad to relax my hair again? I wondered. All my natural-hair milestones came to mind: that last transition haircut, my first (maybe only) successful knot-out. I hold close all the good feelings those moments brought — joy, pride, satisfaction — but they were few and far between. And they don’t stop the dread on Saturday morning when it’s time to detangle and I wish I could be anywhere but in that shower with my wide-toothed comb. The truth is, most of the time, I haven’t enjoyed ‘the journey.'”

4. 12 People Who Always Smell Good Share Their Secrets

Do you have someone in your life who always smells amazing? Maybe they wear the same scent or smell different every time, but either way, they transform a room with whatever it is they’re wearing? Team MR talked to twelve of those people and got all of their olfactory secrets.

3. I Tested 5 Popular Sephora Products and It Was Enlightening

Harling tried out the most popular products at one of the most popular stores. Click.

2. I’ve Been Testing Glossier’s New “Skin Perfector” For a Month

Part guinea-pig journalism, part dermatological explainer, Haley’s Glossier tryout breaks down the benefits of exfoliators, generally, and the Glossier version, specifically.  It’s as charming as it is informative, “turns out I am not immune to the brand’s captivating, wet-looking subway ads, at which I’ve probably stared long enough to consider myself an expert.”

1. I Convinced 4 Women to Get the Haircut They Never Thought They’d Get

curly hair

Harling helped four different women get the haircut they’d never thought they’d get. The women are so thoughtful and insightful that the story is about so much more than just taking an aesthetic leap. Harling said it best when she said, “I’m deeply intrigued by the close interplay between hair and identity. Considering that hair can be easily altered, that it’s programmed to grow back no matter what you do to it, isn’t it fascinating that we imbue it with so much power?”

Feature image of Imani by Edith Young. 

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