So far, one of my favorite things to emerge from the launch of Man Repeller’s 2018 Holiday Buffet has been the myriad ways I’ve seen the team style their non-sticky snacks.

Leandra more or less puts as many barrettes on her head as her hair will carry, wears her Thinking Cap as a cape (ribbon tied around her neck), asks two animals to dangle from a single lobe and then adds a pair of lumberjack plaid Unibrow Sunglasses — all at once, of course.

Harling has been holding hands with her red, gold and colorful Carry Bradshaw bag like it’s her assigned buddy on a class field trip. Emma, Dasha and Crystal, meanwhile, have been partial to the beanie (I don’t blame them — it somehow clashes with outfits in a way that pulls them together, no matter what the wearer is wearing). On days when all three wear it, I wouldn’t necessarily call it matching, though: MR Buffet is what you, the wearer, makes it, like a salad dressing recipe you share among friends that tastes different depending on who serves it.

Hungry yet? Same. Click through the slideshow below to see how Leandra, Harling, Crystal, Elizabeth, Emma, Imani, Patty, Dasha and me all styled a few of our favorite pieces from the Buffet on a recent Monday in the Man Repeller office.

(And when you’re done, for the love of lipstick on lemonade glasses, talk to me about the tiger clutch specifically: Would you play up the stripes with even more patterns, like Elizabeth prefers, or let it growl for your outfit, like Imani demonstrates here today? Will you put a wallet inside of it, or will you use it to carry a peanut butter sandwich to a cocktail party? TYSM, asking specially for me.)

Photos by Celia Hazard.

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