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Sad Farewell, Silver Lining: Creatures of Comfort Is Closing and Everything’s 50% Off

Last week, Creatures of Comfort announced that it would be closing in December.

Shh, shh, I know, little one. Feel free to snuggle into the metaphorical bosom of your choosing. This is a bummer. It is also life! Sometimes truly excellent television shows end before they stay too long at the party. Restaurants with delicious seasonal menus cannot have lightly fried squash blossoms all year round or it wouldn’t feel as special. And sometimes, businesses we love have to go seek new dreams. As per the lyrics of the Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy Curtis recites to Johnny Cade in¬†The Outsiders,¬†which later kicked off New Found Glory’s¬†1999 release of “Hit or Miss“: Nothing gold can stay. Think about autumn, after all; the leaves fall, then winter comes, and then everyone remembers how much they love that Mariah Carey Christmas song.

What it doesn’t mean is that you have to forget about the brand that brought you so many great, stiff high-waist pants with wide legs before you even knew that was a thing you needed. In fact, in case you didn’t read the caption in the Instagram above (I get it! You can be upset and throw things so long as you do so softly because I’m assuming you’re indoors reading this and throwing is an outdoor activity), Creatures of Comfort is having a 50% off sale, both in-store and online — and that means you have the opportunity to own a little piece of it forever.

(Also, look, sometimes you just can’t take the purchase plunge, no matter how bummed. There’s always a chance something will come back into your hands at another point when you are ready. Just look at Old Celine on¬†The Real Real.¬†Or the gloves from¬†Serendipity.¬†No pressure here.)

Below are some of the picks that lit my face back up to at least a halfway smile after I read the news. Let me know in the comments below if you have your eye on any of the same things, or, if you can’t believe I didn’t select __fill in the blank__, in which case, tell me all about it. Maybe we can match, or hold hands and talk about our favorite Creatures of Comfort memories together.

To consider:

– To start, the no-hole straight leg jeans I’ve been looking for my whole life (why didn’t I think to look at Creatures for that story??), for¬†$148 from $295, in three different colors.

– This very excellent plaid wool coat for $563 from $1125, which is by no means cheap but I do think that if you’re in the market to invest in a coat, you might at¬†least think about virtually trying it on.

– The perfect navy tee (their words, but I’m on board after looking at it) for $45 from $90.

РA marbled slip dress for $248 from $495, which could, if you think about it, also serve the same purpose as a skirt if you throw a great sweater over it.

This pair of track pants with a western fringe spin (so that you don’t look like you’re leaning too literal in either direction).

РThe cashmere sweater equivalent of a cup of hot chocolate for $248 from $495.

– A pair of funky pink-and-black split heels for $225 from $450 –> it’s definitely a look, but if it’s yours, oh baby.

A gigantic market bag that you could truly fit the kitchen sink in, but hyper-elegantly, for $398 from $695.

One of those camis that you can’t think a use for while shopping but, once purchased, stave off no less than 25 breakdowns while getting dressed. This one’s $98 from $195 and it comes in a few colors.

A simple wool scarf in gray, navy and black¬†for $75 from $150 — the kind of thing you’ll never regret.

– For $213 from $425, a really superb party dress that won’t set you up to look like everyone else at the party.

A gray work jacket for $195 from $390, which is exactly the kind of thing you always wish you owned to “throw over” your other stuff when you don’t quite want a coat.

– If you’re still not over polka dots, well, this very pretty polka dot dress for $460 to $920 that I know you could get creative with in terms of wearing more than once.

РAnd finally, two crispy white shirts: one with chest pockets for $168 from $335 that has the capability to tickle the old cowboy itch, and another, 173 from $345, that ties into a small handkerchief-like bow around the neck.

That’s it for me. Your turn. And Creatures? I’ll miss you.

Photos courtesy of Creatures of Comfort. 

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