Hi! How you holding up this Scorpio season? Been holding your breath in public and diving deep into your subconscious at night? Cool. Me too. Things might be all deep and emotional right now, but Scorpio season knows we’re all just little scorpions outgrowing our exoskeletons; it demands we prepare to molt.

And your Venus retrograde, how’s that going? It will be over November 16th, in case you’re wondering. It’s been a weird (good!) one for me, because I’m happily smitten and made it through October without a single ghost from exes past popping up, praise Black Jesus. I have been thinking a lot about how past relationships have shaped me, though, which I’m sure has to do with this particular planetary alignment. It’s cool when retrogrades don’t fuck you up but rather reveal new perspectives.

Speaking of which, before we get into it, a little wisdom to whet your palette courtesy of one of my favorite astrologers, Chani Nicholas: “A beautiful, imaginative and dreamy mash-up, today’s astrology helps us integrate something with ease. It fills the atmosphere with inspiration and helps us find our way to a little more creative freedom if we feel our way towards it.”

Yum. You can read all of Chani’s full horoscopes — which I’ve used as a guide for my below readings — here. Now onto the ‘scopes:


This month is gonna be about transformation, Scorpio, and what shape these changes take is really up to you. According to Chani, you’re being flooded with inspiration, insights and the ability to see beyond the limits imposed on you right now. Yay. Your imagination will be your greatest currency at the end of this month, and in order to prepare for the ABUNDANCE heading your way, Chani suggests finding what usually blocks your ability to say yes. “What you want more of, wants you too,” she says.

WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF WANTS YOU TOO, MY LIL’ SCORPION BBS! So what do you want? Not sure? That’s cool. I’m not here to tell you what to do, per se, but if I were you, I would be moving through the month really purposefully. Listen to your inner monologue (just don’t let obsessive thoughts take over!), let your creativity flow, take bubble baths — basically pay attention to yourself. Free your mind and the rest will follow, like En Vogue would say. Actually, “all you gotta do is say yes” is a more apt but maybe lesser-known song lyric mantra. Regardless, abundance is coming, and the best way to welcome that shit is with intention and grounding.

Speaking of grounding: Support yourself. Surround yourself with those who support you. Trust that you are enough. Recognize how much energy and courage all that takes, and thank yourself for showing up. Yep. Happy birthday to you, baby. You deserve it, whatever “it” is — just get out there and claim that shit!


Damn, Sag, do I have some good news for you, because this month begins a new chapter for you. October’s full moon gave you the opportunity to reflect on the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes that occurred in your life up until now, a.k.a., turn and face the strange. Wow, I just surprised myself with that Bowie reference — he is not one of my go-tos, but he works! I’m modeling behavior a bit here; the most growth comes out of spaces of discomfort, so lean into interrogating what is unfamiliar, analyzing your moves, celebrating your transitions. Do some reflection: What lessons have you learned over the past six months? What instincts have you followed to get where you currently are?

OH and on the topic of instincts, Chani has this to say: “The less resistance we have to what we are being asked to embody, the more sense our situation makes. It doesn’t always mean it gets easier to manage, but it gets more interesting to be a part of.” BOOM. Changes ain’t so bad, kiddos, so embrace ‘em! Love yourself and the form you’re currently taking even if that shit is weird and new to you, boo.


Capricorns are some of the MOST reliable signs. Friendship lasts a lifetime! Relationships? Long-term, please! Y’all sea goats stay seeing things through to the end, which is cool, but you don’t always have to be the rock. You don’t have to have all the answers. Knowing that is what this month will be about for your steadfast ass.

Be curious and open to spontaneity this month, Cap. There’s a line in a Mystikal song, “Shake It Fast,” that goes like this: “Do your thing, don’t be scurred.” TAKE THAT AND RUN WITH IT, MY GUY. I know you like stability and shy away from the unknown, but have you ever tried getting to know unfamiliar parts of your brilliant brain? Gotten lost in new ideas? Are you down to be surprised by yourself?!

Chani suggests you look back over the past few months and notice what creative urges began to break the ground of your conscious awareness — and I suggest you take her questions to heart: “How have those sprouts built upon themselves? What is flowering at the full moon? What can you continue to get curious about as it pertains to this energy and how it wants to be put to use in your life?”


What’s good, Aquarius? Have you been stuck in an intellectual loop recently? Probably thinking too hard. Be careful not to let your brainiac nature let thoughts of self-worth being connected to competence wash over you. YOU ARE THE SHIT. And it may not be your birthday month, but November’s got a gift for you, too: The gift of outgrowing your home base.

Chani says this gift might be hard to recognize at first, so if you feel like you’re just face-planting all over instead of growing like a rose out of the proverbial concrete (shoutout to Tupac), that’s okay. Think about it like this: Being so close to the ground can give you an opportunity to get REEEEEAL familiar with the cracks in the sidewalk. This is “the gift of knowing without a doubt that you are in danger of drowning if you don’t save yourself first,” as Chani frames it. “Some part of you is waiting for you to do so.”

Inner shifts can manifest as outward opportunities, etc. etc., but like Chani suggests, make sure you’re staying buoyed enough internally to notice them. Pay attention to the the way you move through the world. Try to find the right balance between macro and micro — which one needs your focus more? Or as Chani asks: “What needs to be accomplished immediately so that eventually your dream scenarios have room to breathe?”


Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. Visibility is coming up for you this month. I know, your psychic ass can always “see,” but have you been sitting on the sidelines, wondering and wanting but also worrying about taking a leap of faith? If so, Chani says the full moon will bring you either information about it, encouragement around it or a confirmation about your hesitation. “Trust the signals that life sends you,” she writes. “You’ll know when to leap and when to wait.”

This is because YOU KNOW BEST, PISCES. You’re the wateriest of the water signs. Shit, it’s you who came through drippin’. Lean into that; let all the sensitive energy you have wash over you and release attachment to…anything that’s holding you back. Maybe it’s a boo you need to let go of, or those dead ends you haven’t cut off yet because you want to “keep length.” Psshh. Listen: No need to hide inside shitty relationships or behind impossibly long hair. You and you alone have more knowledge and skills than you usually take credit for, and it’s high time you start scheming ways to step into your full power.


Hello my fiery bbs. How you doing? I ask because I’m guessing this Venus retrograde may have affected you more than most. Have you felt pulled into more deeply analyzing — or even recreating!!! — former relationship patterns? Are you caught up in a bunch of new people, just building new bonds all over the place? Some boundless transformative energy seems to be buoying you up, which is unsurprising considering your…let’s say “bold” nature. Just make sure you’re not rushing into anything — but that’s just my advice.

Here’s Chani’s: All the reflection around relationships and how you move through the world can be exciting, but you HAVE to learn how to be okay with space. “If you feel unsure of how exactly to manifest your talents at this time, embrace the uncertainty with relentless curiosity,” she writes.

And you know which relationship is the MOST important one to reflect on, right? The one you’re in with yourself. “You are coming into a new dynamic, a new relationship with yourself,” Chani writes, which makes me think of that brilliant self-love anthem by Southern songstress Tweet. You know, “Oops (Oh My),” in which she may or may not be discovering how…good she can make herself feel. If you don’t know it, I highly recommend following this link and letting the excitement of what new possibility might bring you, teach you, and reveal to you bubble up inside. Oh my.


Remember when I said we were all little scorpions just preparing to molt? This is especially true for the bulls out there. I have a question: What is not serving you anymore?! SHED THAT SHIT. I’m not saying to abandon your true nature in all its slow-moving glory, but I AM saying that you should spend some time peeping where that kind of big earth energy might be holding you back. Continue saying “yes” to direct deposits but let go of some of the digging your heels in, for example.

“Curiosity” has shown up for quite of few signs this month, so might as well keep up the trend with you, Taurus. According to Chani, October’s full moon has given you the green light to not only survive but to THRIVE and wow, what a blessing! “It illuminates the changes that are taking place for you personally,” she writes. But that means you have to be willing to SEE them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. What does your heart want? Your curiosity will be what permeates the cracks occurring along the surface of your life, and, per Chani, this will encourage you to let your own light shine through — BRIGHT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING DIAMOND (sorry for the caps, I’m just very excited about finally being able to include a Rihanna reference).


You know in Sister, Sister whenever Roger would come over and Tia and Tamera would be like, “Go home, Roger!” when he got to be too much even though they were, ultimately, friends with him? Us Gems have to embody a similar kind of discerning energy this month because October’s full moon wanted to help us see all the changes and awakenings that have been occurring in the back of our big, intellectual brains, and we won’t be able to if we allow distractions to get in our way! Treat the distractions as if they are Roger and tell them to get out of your house even if you kind of like them.

Your energy is needed for the most precious connections because intimacy and partnerships are HOT for us right now, thanks to Jupiter doing something or other. Got a budding relationship on the horizon? Some connection offering you even more closeness, more love…and all the risks that go along with that? Lean into it all! We crave being seen and understood, and derive the most pleasure from relationships in which we can be our full selves. All those changes and awakenings I mentioned earlier? First we become aware of them, then we need to share them. Keep your heart open to those who might be checking for you during this time.

It’s not only romantic connections you need to pay attention to. “Whatever you are doing in groups needs to be revolutionary,” Chani reminds us. “If it’s not helping to spur people into action, you won’t be that intrigued.”


I’m gonna go ahead and let Chani take the lead here because she has some important shit to say to you, crab: “Everything that comes up for you via the social settings you find yourself in is essential for your overall liberation,” she writes, which reminds me of the time in the ’90s when a very particular form of gospel music crossed over into the world of popular hip hop. Yes I AM talking about Kirk Franklin. And that one song, “Revolution” — as in, “Do you want a [personal] revolution,” Cancer?! — which is now playing on a loop in my head because Chani Nicholas mentioned “overall liberation.” I’m sorry. I’m not religious at all, and this was certainly a very specific connection to make, but I’m sure we can all agree that the song really has a sick beat.

Anyway, things are shifting in regards to the way you relate to others — and the way others relate to you. Good thing you’re a psychic water sign and can pick up on all of it! Your spidey-sense-like empathy is on 10 right now — tap into whatever it is that gets you all teary-eyed thinking about how much you love someone. Now is the time to really trust your intuition, but Chani has an important warning here, too: “Currently, you are more likely to be the trouble-maker, trickster and temptress of truth for those you are connected to,” which honestly sounds really fun to me but that’s probably just all my air energy talking. “This revolutionary spirit can feel threatening to some, but incredibly exciting to the right crowd.”


Hi lions, I saw this hilarious meme about you the other day (scroll to Leo), which I’m only bringing up because I want it to make sense when I ask you to take a break from laughing at your own jokes and professing your love to your BFFs online again to recognize that this is a moment of incredible reconstruction for you! Per Chani, October’s full moon came through like a light to illuminate the professional changes, wild rides and unexpected leaps of faith that you have been asked to make over the past few months.

Chani also recommends that you give yourself the chance to see what can be built when you follow the impulses of your curiosity this month. She’s super into curiosity right now, but apparently you should be, too, so fall in love with the unknown! “Give yourself permission to unfold, unpack and unwind,” she writes. Ya know, exhale like Whitney reminded us all to do that one time — without waiting. “Let this moment, and whatever good it brings, help you find the internal expansion you are craving.” Push your growth. See how much of life’s deliciousness you can share with yourself and those around you. This month has the potential to be full of lusciousness (just like our theme — Potluck Month!!! — implies).


Okay, Virgie babies, you’re well known for having eclectic and varied tastes, but you still might find yourself in a state of WTF right about now because where you are currently is most likely not where you thought you’d be. It’s all good, though! Before you let that self-criticism take over, ask yourself: Are you enjoying yourself — nay, FEELING YOURSELF, like Beyoncé was in this Nicki Minaj banger from a couple years ago? If this path is giving you what you need and want, if you think you can grow while on it, then it’s FINE that it’s not what you expected. Live a little, Virgo. “No one but you can decide your direction,” writes Chani, “but you can get help by getting curious about what your life is telling you.”

And some of what your life is telling you comes in the form of relationships. Pay attention to the people entering your life right now, and I mean pay attention to everyone from the new barista at your regular coffee spot to that Tinder success story. If you can plot out the kind of energy you’re attracting, you might just be able to map out where you’re headed — this will be useful information because figuring out what you want to commit to is gonna be crucial for you this year. Like Chani says, not every opportunity is the right place for your talents. “Knowing when to stay and when to leave is key,” she writes. “Be thoughtful about what you need to work hard at and what you need to let someone else do.”


Did you know that Cardi B is a Libra? You may think this information is apropos of nothing and just an indicator of how deeply I stan for her BUT! As Chani tells us, October’s full moon highlighted all the ways in which you are learning to collaborate in new, innovative and — here’s the clincher — possibly disruptive ways. And Cardi is nothing if not disruptive, right?

All this transformative energy may have you feeling like a lot is going on right now, especially since the moon may have also brought about some unexpected experiences. Just remember you have control — you can engage with everything around you however you so choose. Do it your way, just like Janet Jackson circa 1986 would advise.

Chani recommends you do what you can to get curious about how you limit the flow of abundance in your life. “Feel no way about saying goodbye to the relationships that only drain you of your reserves,” she writes. In other words, trim the fat. Those people who are nothing but energy vampires? It’s time for them to get the boot. You can have a bit of a codependent streak in you, Libra, so this might be difficult for you, but it’s necessary so that you can learn to center YOURSELF.

Illustration by Cynthia Merhej. 

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