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How to Wear a Belt Bag (and Actually Make the Most of It)

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My hands have a lot on their plate. In addition to being consistently under-moisturized and rarely if never acknowledged for their regular support of my ability to function as a human (although I do think it would be fun to have lobster claws for a day), they also hold the keys to my livelihood — a fact my well-worn desktop keyboard can attest to. On top of carrying my career as a writer, they also literally carry everything else: snacks, rolls of toilet paper, passports, babies (when available), storage bins, cooking pots and — most importantly — handbags, the vessel by which I transport all manner of necessities on a daily basis.

I ask everything of them and they ask nothing of me besides the occasional encounter with a nail clipper, which is why, when I came across Senreve’s two new Italian leather belt bag styles — the Aria and the Coda — I was immediately eager to style them. Below, you will find not only three fun ways to wear a belt bag but also three activities made infinitely easier by virtue of the fact that you have both hands free.

1. A Suitor in a Suit

Senreve Aria Belt Bag styled with Zara suit and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini top

Carrying a large bouquet of flowers to your paramour of choice is undoubtedly a two-hand job for reasons that involve a) not crushing any of the petals and b) holding them right in front of your face so as to get as many good whiffs as possible. I love the idea of wearing the Aria Belt Bag around a suit blazer on this or any occasion because it’s a bit unexpected (my favorite variety of styling flourish) and it accentuates the tailoring without overpowering it. Bonus points if the suit kind of matches the belt bag’s distinctive Merlot hue. Speaking of Merlot, all of Senreve’s leather is water-, scratch- and most importantly stain-resistant, so if this particular getup is tempting you to juggle a glass of wine in addition to the bouquet, by all means, please do.

2. A News Sponge in a Sweater

Senreve Coda Belt Bag styled with Tibi skirt, L.L. Bean turtleneck and Pringle of Scotland sweater

I don’t have the opportunity to read a physical newspaper all that much anymore, but whenever I do, it’s the ultimate luxury. I relish opening it all the way with my arms spread-eagle like a dad at the breakfast table in an old black-and-white TV show, ideally dressed in a cozy cardigan and a turtleneck while I’m at it. Belting a sweater is the perfect way to take it from just plain cozy to cozy-with-a-subtle-touch-of-personal-style, and belting one with a buttery soft Coda Belt Bag ups the ante even more. Especially if you are perusing the aforementioned physical newspaper, a circumstance in which I like to keep my phone close but out of sight (i.e. in a belt bag) so I can fully immerse myself in the experience of reading something tangible.

3. A Multi-Dog-Walker in a Waistcoat

Senreve Coda Belt Bag styled with Zara coat, Ganni skirt, Tibi boots and Vilshenko cardigan

Have you ever tried holding two dog leashes in the same hand? I don’t recommend it, unless you want said leashes to resemble a twisted strand of licorice around your ankles. Holding them separately is definitely the way to go. But in order to do that and not only carry but maintain access to your STUFF at the same time (keys, bubblegum, phone, earbuds, doggie treats, etc.)…well…the answer is fairly obvious but that’s not going to stop my freshly freed hands from shouting it loudly for all to read/hear: BELT ON A BELT BAG!!!! It’s truly a utilitarian dream made dreamier in this case as a result of the Coda’s aesthetic: Senreve’s forest green leather in a pebbled finish situated around the circumference of what I’m calling a waistcoat for alliteration purposes but is really a knit sweater vest worn over a matching blouse and skirt.

What’s your favorite way to wear a belt bag, if you have one? Tell me with both hands.

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Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Jessica Wu. Makeup by Maggie Mondanile. 

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