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Gimme Your Email! We’re Launching Something Cool

Bonjour ladies and butt farmers! The hair barrettes that are clipped through spaghetti in the feature image of this story might look familiar if you take interest in the flocculent follies that I publish to Instagram every now and again. They are members of a limited edition product launch that is on the imminent horizon, which could very well make you the proud owner of new hats! And sunglasses! Earrings! Some bags! A barrette (or 5)! They are also a mere slice of the larger pie that is Man Repeller’s physical manifestation, which, I know, I am always talking and yapping and shouting and kvelling and ranting and whining about. Finally!

Consider this the first act in an ongoing play that is sure to take various twists and turns and sizzling somersaults. Not to be confused with Summer Salt, which, apparently, is a band.

I have known for years that I wanted to make stuff, but could never quite figure out what that stuff was. (This is partially why I became a writer — what an easy and impulsive way to create.) Then, while I was pregnant and eager and excited and impulsive but incapable of participating in my closet the way that I used to, I realized that accessories could maintain the same transformative quality that all the rest of my stuff did. That by simply electing to wear a certain hat or pair of sunglasses, a small handbag or earring — pieces that wouldn’t deign to judge me based on superficial principles, I — we — could engage with fashion thoroughly and meaningfully without thinking twice. Without feeling weird or bad about or bored by wearing the same plain pants and sweater every day.

If any of this intrigues you, I invite you to share your email address with us by clicking this link and typing it into the box that asks you to share your email address. Be sure to pick MR Product Updates to stay on top of all of the cool accessories news. We won’t spam you (or maybe we will? There are a lot of photos of food met with our accessories on the other side of this launch), but we will present you with an opportunity to own a piece of Man Repeller’s first stab at making our own stuff before anyone who chooses not to share their email address. No pressure!

I’m really excited, ppl. I’ve never been more excited, as a matter of fact, for any single launch collection except for the one that made me a mom. Do you see the full circle?

Just gimme your email! We won’t disappoint!

Photo by Suzanne Saroff; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis. 

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