The Best Sweaters on Sale, From $87 to $447 (Plus the One I Bought)

Every season I think I can make do with the sweaters I wore the season before, and every season I’m sure I mean it until the end of November rings around and I have been wearing my old sweaters regularly enough to recognize that while yes, I totally can make do with the wears of yore, I also wouldn’t mind the kind of pick-me-up that is most regularly facilitated by the infusion of something new. Just one thing. Like a software update but better because iOS 12.1 still hasn’t figured out how to demarcate the space bar from the letter “n,” but a sweater — particularly when pulled from the newly minted Net-a-Porter sale — could make a world of difference for a closet of sameness. The key is to pick just one and commit to it. Here are three groupings specified by price: some are souped-up, some are pared-down, all of the ones I’m showing you are under $500.

These ones, in fact, are under $100.

These are under $300.

These are the ones under $500.

These are the ones I debated.

And this is the one I got.

I envision wearing it with light wash jeans and black brogues; heather grey sweatpants and cowboy boots; burnt orange corduroys; just plain old white underwear; this one patent leather mini skirt with gigantic stones all over it; and all the sleepleisure¬†and simultaneous Buffet I can fit on my person. Isn’t it cool that today is Wednesday but it feels like Friday? Man I love Thanksgiving. Man I love sales. I’m grateful for you.

Feature image by Simon Chetrit.

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